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Jeremy McClure



25/05/87 Perth Australia


Perth, WA







Heather Adams

Favourite Swimming Memory

Making first team in Athens - hard work coming together

Favourite Quote

"There's always a positive out of every negative".

Role Model

Wife - Heidi

3 Words That Best Describe You

crazy, driven, obsessed

Something Interesting About Yourself

Swam to Rottnest Island and back - double crossing and going to attempt a triple crossing (20km each way)

Career Highlights

Competing in three Paralympic Games; 2004, 2008 and 2012
Posting a qualifying time for the 2016 Rio Paralympics 

Australian Representative Honours and Results 

Paralympic Games
Athens, Greece 2004 – 6th 100m Backstroke
Beijing, China 2008 – 7th 100m Backstroke
London, England 2012 – 8th 100m Backstroke
Rio, Brazil 2016 – 5th S11 100m Backstroke, 12th 100m Freestyle, 14th 50m Freestyle

Tips from the top

Meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same!

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