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Benefits of being an affiliated club

Affiliating your club with Swimming Australia and your State Swimming Association has many benefits for the club and its members. To find out more about the benefits click here

Inclusive Club Standard

The Inclusive Club Standard is a new exciting and innovative national initiative that provides recognition and encouragement to clubs creating an environment which is inclusive of people with disability.

For more information on this program click here

Swimming Australia Club Health Checklist

The Swimming Australia Club Health Checklist, developed by the Australian Sports Commission has replaced the previous Go Club PB. The Club Health Checklist has been formed as a tool to assist clubs with their overall management, governance and planning both at a strategic and an operational level. Upon completion of the checklist, a report will be sent to you highlighting any areas that require more attention. State and Territory associations will work closely with clubs, providing resources that will help clubs improve in areas highlighted as a priority in the SAL Club Health Check. 

To begin the checklist, please click here

For more information, please click here

Member and Child Welfare

The Member and Child Welfare Policies are an essential part of Swimming Australia’s proactive and preventative approach to tackling inappropriate behaviour. We are committed to ensuring that everyone associated with Swimming Australia complies with the Member and Child Welfare Policies and ask all members and stakeholders to assist us in promoting these policies wherever possible.

The Member and Child Welfare Policies and Behavioural Guidelines, assist in ensuring that every person involved in the sport of swimming, is treated with respect and dignity, is safe and protected from abuse. These policies can be found on the Policies and Procedures page here


Athlete Appearances

Together with the Australian Swimmers Association, Swimming Australia offer affiliated clubs the opportunity to have an Australian Swim Team member visit their club. For more information click here

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