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Club Enquiries

Swimming Australia recognises that the platform for delivery of the sport is very much delivered by volunteers. Club committees, officials and swimming instructors are the resource that underpins the running of club training and competitions. The Aquatic Strategy unit are here to assist where volunteers need support and advice on their engagement with facility operators or owners


Letter of Support

It is quite common for clubs and local government bodies to seek letters of support from Swimming Australia across a range of subjects. This can include gaining backing for grant funding. To assist Swimming Australia in providing the highest quality letters addressing your needs please complete the following template and attach it to an email requests to facilities@swimming.org.au

Water Space and Lane Space Enquiries

Some of the most common issues face by swimming clubs relate to access to water space and the cost of lane hire. As a unit the Aquatic Strategy department works hard to assist clubs in negotiating better water space arrangements.

If you require advice on water space or lane hire please fill in the following enquiries document, including as much detail as possible. Please send completed table to facilities@swimming.org.au

How to establish a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at a club training base

A Memorandum of Understanding is a formal document shared between two or more parties stating the rights and obligations of each signer. An MOU acts like a contract, although it is less formal, and can help both parties clarify what their rights and responsibilities are to each other. 

Things to know about an MOU

If you have any aditional questions please use the email link below to connect with the Aquatic Strategy unit, providing details of the Club you belong to, the facility you utilise and a description of the matter you wish to discuss. Ensure full contact details are included in your email so we can respond to your email as promptly as possible.



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