Exceptions to the swimming rules


A : Assistance required

B : Blackened goggles

E : Unable to grip for backstroke start

H : Hearing imparied light, signal or touch required

T : Tappers

Y : Starting device

During Swimming

0 : Nil exceptions

1 : One hand start

2 : Right hand touch

3 : Left hand touch

4 : Right hand touch with simultaeous intent to touch with other

5 : Left hand touch with simultaeous intent to touch with other

6 : Simultaeous intent to touch

7 : Part of upper body must touch

8 : Right foot must turn out

9 : Left foot must turn out

12 : Leg drag or show intent to kick

+ : Dolphin kick is able to be performed


Free : No exceptions ('Nil')

Back : Only Exception '1' may apply

Butterfly : Exceptions '2'-'7' may apply

Breast : Exceptions '2'-'12' may apply

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