Multi Class Swimming Portal

Multi Class Swimming Engagement Portal

Swimming Australia has developed the Multi Class Swimming Engagement Portal to assist swimmers with disability to Get ClassifiedGet Involved and Get Discovered!

Get Classified – Need a classification? This is your start point! In this section you will be asked to provide information about your impairment to determine if you might be eligible. You will then be provided with the information you need to go and get classified.

Get Involved – Want to Go Swim? We want to help! In this section you will provide us with some basic personal and contact information. This will then enable us to better assist you in finding the right opportunities for you.

Get Discovered – Got some talent? We want to know! In this section you will be asked to tell us about your swimming ability. But first we recommend you complete our three simple Talent Tests. Download the Talent Tests below. Do the tests with your coach and record the results. Then return here to complete the form with your test results. This will enable us to determine if you have the potential to be a champion.

Download Talent Tests

Download talent tests here

At the end of the process this information will be analysed by Swimming Australia and if you have asked us for help someone will be in touch to follow up, usually within a couple of weeks. If no one gets in touch don’t worry! You can always contact your state or territory swimming association if you have any questions.

When you are ready click here to get started!

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