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Enjoy swimming? Spent your life in and around the pool? Love the thrill and excitement of competitiveness? Ever thought about becoming a coach?

Teaching the skills of competitive strokes is a rewarding experience and is why many former swimmers choose to stay within the swimming environment. No matter if you have experience, are a former swimmer or have no previous experience, you can become a coach today and here’s how.

Australian swimming coach’s gain their accreditation through a multi-level competency based training system that recognises acquired knowledge, practical experience and coaching performance (in the case of ‘advanced’ qualifications).

Swimming Australia, as the National body responsible for swimming, belongs to the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) of the Australian Sports Commission. The NCAS sets general guidelines for the development of course structures and pathways for recognition of coaching qualifications.

Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association

Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association (ASCTA) is a professional membership organisation made up of coaches and teachers of swimming, who are responsible for maintaining the high ethical and educational standards of coaches as one of the nine stakeholder groups of Swimming Australia. Coach Members of ASCTA are also members of Swimming Australia. ASCTA assists Swimming Australia in the administration of accreditation courses and the licensing of qualifications to coach.

Swimming Australia and ASCTA work very closely together, to continue to provide coaches with the most up to date and proficient resources of coach accreditation services available.

Swimming Australia also combine resources and expertise in the development of the GO CLUB program, for the future development and strength of our sport and our swimming clubs.

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