Competition Framework

The Australian Dolphins Swimming Team is one of the Nation’s most reliable international performers and we have consistently delivered on the international stage over numerous Olympic and Paralympic cycles. Within Swimming, there is always a desire to improve, and in fact a necessity to do so if we are to remain at the forefront of the sport.

Swimming Australia has embarked on a four-year strategy to Tokyo 2020. A key aspect of this strategy was to review the current competition structures with the aim of improving the competition pathway from entry into national level competition to the elite stage in the sport.

Key drivers for the review included:
- our conversion rate from our selection competitions to the major benchmark competition each season
- perceived gaps in our competition structure for athlete development
- the impact maturation has on our competition structure
- keeping pace with changes that have already been implemented across the world from our competing nations

With intended outcomes to achieve:
- developing a framework that will serve our sport for at least the next cycle
- a framework that focuses on optimal performances at key periods in a season
- a philosophy on youth development for Senior performance
- fostering alignment for competition structures across the States and Region

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