Assessments and Reaccreditations

Achieving a Level 3 Referee / Starter Accreditation

To achieve level three accreditation as a starter or referee, a candidate is required to undergo three competent assessments at a Swimming Australia National Championships.

What is the process when I’m ready to be assessed as a Level Three Starter or Referee?

- Be a practicing level two (state) level referee or starter.
- Make a request for assessment by a member of the national assessment panel to your state swimming association
- Your state swimming association coordinates a visit from a member of the national assessment panel at a relevant state meet. This will often be when numerous individuals are to undergo an assessment for national level competence.
- After competent assessment at this meet, candidate is appointed to a Swimming Australia Championship
- After three competent assessments at a national championships and completion of the Self Management for Technical Officials unit, the candidate is awarded level three accreditation.

National Officiating Assessment Panel

What is the National Officiating Assessor Panel?

The National Officiating Assessor Panel are a panel of experienced Assessors who have been appointed by SAL to undertake assessments of Level 2 and Level 3 Technical Officials throughout Australia. National Assessors visit State Championships at the request of the State Technical Committee or the State/Territory Swimming Association. Two Assessors shall be appointed to each Australian Championship to assess Technical Officials undertaking their Level 3 accreditations. The Assessors for all Australian Championships will be appointed by the SAL TSC Appointments Sub-Committee.

If you require an assessment at Level 2 or Level 3 Referee / Starter accreditation, please contact your State or Territory Swimming Association here


Officials are required to undertake the process of updating their qualifications, to remain accredited with Swimming Australia as a National technical official.

Updating will take place every four years. Officials must be actively officiating at relevant events and be displaying the required competencies to maintain accreditation.

Swimming Australia will contact officials that have an accreditation that is due to expire and ask them to complete the 'Reaccreditation Kit' and return it to their state swimming association (ATSC for NSW).

Dowloand the reaccreditation Kit for Technical Officials here

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