Georgina Hope Foundation Swimmer Support Scheme

The Georgina Hope Foundation Swimmer Support Scheme (GHFSSS), jointly managed by Swimming Australia, Hancock Prospecting and the Australian Swimmers’ Association, made possible by the generosity of Ms Gina Rinehart, has been providing financial support to Australian swimmers since 2013.
The funding supports elite swimmers in their training and competition environments, to assist them in pursuing educational and vocational opportunities, as well as providing relief in cases of extenuating circumstances.
Swimming Australia has a long-term strategic vision for High Performance success in the sport and this is achieved through a commitment to investing in our current and up and coming champions.
The financial investment to our elite swimmers will remain a priority as we strive for peak performance by the Australian Dolphins Swim Team at the benchmark events.
The new Policy for the Distribution of GHFSSS Funds is available below. Swimmers are encouraged to take the time to fully read and understand the new Policy.
Questions should be directed to Swimming Australia Performance Operations Manager Petria Thomas or Australian Swimmers’ Association General Manager Daniel Kowalski.

Policy for the Distribution of GHFSSS Funds (2018-19 & 2019-20)

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