Georgina Hope Foundation Swimmer Support Scheme

The Georgina Hope Foundation Swimmer Support Scheme (GHFSSS), jointly managed by the Australian Swimmers’ Association, Swimming Australia and Hancock Prospecting, and made possible by the generosity of our Patron Mrs Gina Rinehart, has been providing financial support to Australian swimmers since 2013.
The funding is to support elite swimmers in their training and competition environments, to assist them in pursuing educational opportunities, and to provide relief in cases of extenuating circumstances.
During the period from July 2013 to June 2017, the GHFSSS provided approximately $10 million to support Australia’s best swimmers. Hancock Prospecting invests $2.2 million annually, and Swimming Australia contributes approximately $300,000 annually.
In very positive news for swimmers, Hancock Prospecting has committed to providing continued support for the GHFSSS through until June 2021. Swimming Australia has also committed to its ongoing annual investment.  
During 2016-2017, the Australian Swimmers’ Association and Swimming Australia have reviewed the Policy for the Distribution of GHFSSS Funds. Hancock Prospecting has approved refinements to the delivery of funding for the next cycle. The changes, to be implemented from 1 July 2017, have been made to: 

1) ensure that the GHFSSS performance criteria are more closely aligned with the Swimming Australia Categorisation criteria (information on the Categorisation Policy is available here), thus ensuring that athletes deemed to have the greatest potential to deliver benchmark event medal outcomes are supported
2) increase the focus on performance at key identified events
3) match the Olympic to Paralympic support ratio of the Australian Sports Commission’s high performance investment to Swimming Australia.

Paralympic Program Support Scheme - key changes and features
Olympic Program Support Scheme - key changes and features

2017-2021 GHFSSS Policy
2017 GHFSSS Qualifying Times


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