A Thank You from Head Coach Jacco Verhaeren

A Thank You from Head Coach Jacco Verhaeren

It takes a lot to achieve the success the Australian Swim team did at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. On behalf of the Australian Dolphins Swim Team, Head Coach Jacco Verhaeren has prepared this thank you.

I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the preparation of our Commonwealth Games team, and all involved in running the event.
Our success is no accident and founded on the efforts of many, including a special thank you to:
- Our team and home coaches for the technical guidance, time and energy invested on-team and year round
- Our team and network performance staff for their expertise and hard work
- Our team operations and team managers for their tireless effort
- The families of our team, the Parents and Partners of Dolphins Swimmers (PODS 😊)
- Our Dolphins legends that helped our team in preparation, led by Susie O’Neill, together with Leisel Jones, Jodie Henry, Ian Thorpe, Kieren Perkins, Annabelle Williams, Andrew Baildon, Sam Riley, and Brenton Rickard
- Our high performance partners; the Australian Institute of Sport and the State Institutes and Academies of Sport and our State Swimming Associations where the journey begins
- The Australian Sports Commission and their Sideline Champions program that ensured our team could connect with family and friends before, during and after the Games
- Our principal partners, Mrs Gina Rinehart of Hancock Prospecting, Optus and our broadcast partner Network 7
- GOLDOC and the Games Shapers for facilitating the home city advantage and Commonwealth Games Australia for their support and creation of a great Aussie Team!
Jacco Verhaeren – Australian Head Coach, on behalf of the Australian Dolphins Swim Team

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