Dolphins make splash in Cairns

Dolphins make splash in Cairns

The Australian Dolphins Swim Team have settled in to their Cairns training base this week in preparation for next month’s Pan Pacific Championships in Tokyo.
The Championships will take place between August 9 and 12 for the four-day pool program with the 10km pen water marathon on August 14 against fellow charter nations the USA, Canada and Japan along with other Pacific rim nations like New Zealand, South Africa, Korea and China.
Cairns will be the homebase for the Dolphins over the next three years leading into the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and next year’s Fina World Championships in Korea.
Team Director Jacco Verhaeren said the team had found an ideal training base.
“To find a pool like this in Cairns is quite exceptional – the combination of the gym is fantastic, The Lakes Resort (accommodation facility) is really suitable, people can walk up to the pool and it is important in training camp situations,” said Verhaeren.
“The team is here to work hard, so this is really the place where they train hard going into competition probably the toughest two weeks in this preparation.’
Its really a place where we train hard….going into competition
Already the Dolphins have made a splash with the big guns and the rising stars of the 33-strong team showing just why they are among the best swimmers in the world.
Olympic gold medallists Mack Horton, Kyle Chalmers and Cate Campbell have lined up to show their wares with some eye-catching training sets, Campbell thrilled to be in Cairns.
Campbell put herself through the ringer with a tough set of 50s and 100m freestyle to finish off last night alongside training partner and fellow Commonwealth Games relay gold= medallist Shayna Jack.
“We are in the final grind stage of our preparation which means lots of hard work, which (also) means lots of fast swimming  (and) suiting up while it takes a while, once its on its definitely worth the effort and I’m very pleased that we get to do a couple of sets with the helps of a suit,” said Campbell.
“Once this week is done I can start easing in to a bit more of a taper and start cutting back down on the mileage not that being a sprinter we do a whole heap of mileage but start cutting down on the work and start freshening up to race.
“I’m really really excited to race in Tokyo – I love Japan but most of all I love racing – no one trains to train we all train to race and this is an opportunity for us to go up against some of the best swimmers in the world and I think that everyone is going to take that opportunity.
“The facilities here in Cairns are beautiful – they have great swimming pools and all outdoors which I really like.
‘It makes a big difference when you don’t feel like getting in the water; when the sun’s shining and the water looks a little bit more inviting and it’s a little bit warmer outside so I think that coming to a warm weather city like Cairns has definitely lifted everyone’s morale.”

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