History of the Pan Pacific Swimming Championships

History of the Pan Pacs

The inaugural Pan Pacific Swimming Championships began back in 1985 in Tokyo, Japan.

Initially the event was staged every odd year to allow for an international championship-level meet in the non-Olympic and non-World Championships years. However, to accommodate for the changing of the World Championships in 2002 from every four years (to every two years), Pan Pacs are now held in the even year between the Summer Olympics.

As the name suggests, Pan Pacs is open to all countries that border the Pacific Ocean but in more recent times, has been opened to include other non-European countries as Brazil and South Africa.

Unlike both the World Championships and the Olympic Games, nations can enter as many athletes as they like in the preliminaries of each event. However, only two people from each nation, can qualify for the Championships’ semi-finals and finals.

As part of the Charter, hosting of the Pan Pacs is to rotate among Australia, Canada, Japan and the United States. Following the 2014 event on the Gold Coast, the Pan Pacs will return to Japan in August.

You can catch your heroes fight for their spot on the team at the Pan Pac Trials from June 30 – July 4.

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