Kyle Chalmers and Jack Cartwright turn on pre-Games heart stopper

Kyle Chalmers and Jack Cartwright turn on pre-Games heart stopper

Olympic champion Kyle Chalmers, swimming from lane one, was forced into unfamiliar territory before winning his first 100 metres freestyle Australian title at the Hancock Prospecting Australian Swimming Trials on the Gold Coast tonight after scraping into the final by the skin of his teeth.
And in an extraordinary set of circumstances Jack Cartwright (St Peters Western) who dead-heated for seventh with Chalmers in the heats, finished second, from lane eight.
Chalmers (Marion) turned in second place behind James Roberts and still motored home in Kyle fashion to claim the title and his second individual Commonwealth Games swim in 48.16 with Cartwright touching for silver in 48.60.
Defending champion and fastest qualifier Cam McEvoy (Bond) was third in 48.62 to put his hand up for an individual Games spot, with former two-time world champion James Magnussen (Ravenswood) fourth in 48.79 ensuring he gets a berth in Australia’s 4 x100m freestyle relay.
Meanwhile swimming’s terminator and a Cartwright team mate, Ariarne Titmus (SPW) smashed the Australian 400m freestyle record for the second time this season clocking 4:02.36 to book her second individual race for next month’s Games.
The 17-year-old Tasmanian, swimming for St Peters Western Lutheran College in Brisbane, followed her 200m victory on night one with an all-the-way victory in the 400m – half a second faster than her Australian record set at the Queensland titles in December.
And the men’s 400m freestyle saw Olympic champion Mack Horton (Melbourne Vicentre) produce his trademark final 100 metres to edge out his Rio team mate, a brave Jack McLoughlin (Chandler) in a cracking race.
Horton (3:45.41) and McLoughlin (3:45.80) a personal best, both swam under the A qualifying time in sterling fashion – and with the promise of better times to come in five weeks’ time.
Rio Olympic finalist David McKeon (Griffith University) hung on for third in a B qualifying time of 3:47.39.
Horton said: "Jack went for it at the start, typically I swim a bit harder at the back end of the 400m. I didn't quite have that easy pace at the start, so he probably got a bit more on me than I would have liked, so I had to fight a bit harder at the end."
McLoughlin swam a strategic race, leaving nothing to chance.
"With my 1500m (freestyle) background I know I have a strong back end and I know that whatever time I do in the second 100m, I'll probably do the same just because that's how distance swimmers work,” McLoughlin said.
"I just thought I'd take it out in the second 100m and see if I could hold on. I saw Mack coming in the last 50m, but there's not much you can do about that.
"I knew I had to put in a very strong second 100 (metres) and my body kind of keeps to that rhythm, so I knew I had to put it all in.
"[My coach] Vince Raleigh is always talking about second 100 being strong so I said I was going to go for the second 100 and he was like 'OK, see how it goes'. And it did work out."
The Campbell girls have been a dominant force in Australian swimming for the past seven years and tonight they again showed why with Cate winning the 100m freestyle final in a world class 52.37 – just 0.31 outside her Australian record and 2016 world record with sister Bronte second in 52.96 – both under the A qualifying time.
Emma McKeon (Griffith University) came home third in a solid 53.49 to claim her third individual swim of the Games after her second placed swims in the 200m butterfly and 200m freestyle.
And in a major surprise WA’s butterfly specialist Brianna Throssell has swum her way onto the premier relay team with her fourth placed finish in 54.19.
Earlier in the night a gliding touch on the wall could well have cost Cate Campbell her second Australian record in one day after her 25.47 in the heats of the 50m butterfly.
But her winning time of 25.51 was still an A qualifying time ahead of Holly Barratt (Rockingham) 25.94 (B qualifier) and Olympic 200m butterfly silver medallist Maddie Groves (Griffith University) third in 26.35 – also a B time.
2018 Hancock Prospecting Australian Swimming Trials Top 8:
Event 13 Women’s S7 50m butterfly final
1. Tiffany Thomas Kane (LCOV), 39.88
2. Morgan Lee (NERAN), 44.05
Event 14 Men’s S9 100m backstroke final
1. Timothy Hodge (AUBN), 1:04.61
2. Logan Powell (SPRTN), 1:05.95
3. Brenden Hall (LAWNT), 1:08.37
4. Harrison Vig (BJETS), 1:08.90
5. Simone Barlam (ITA), 1:12.91
6. Liam Smith (UWSC), 1:13.84
7. Trae Norbury (WSTAQ), 1:16.27
Event 15 Men’s 400m freestyle final
1. Mack Horton (MVC), 3:45.41 Q
2. Jack Mcloughlin (CHAND), 3:45.80 Q
3. David McKeon (GUSC), 3:47.39 Q
4. Elijah Winnington (BOND), 3:50.00
5. Joshua Parrish (TSS), 3:50.64
6. Nathan Robinson (CHAND) 3:52.11
7. Zachary Attard (CARL), 3:53.76
8. Jacob Vincent (STPET), 3:54.56
“I’m on the pain train right now.”  - Mack Horton on his victory in the men’s 400m free and backing up after the 200m freestyle final last night.
Event 16 Women’s 100m breaststroke final
1. Georgia Bohl (GUSC) 1:07.22
2. Leiston Pickett (STHPT), 1:07.56
3. Jessica Hansen (NUN), 1:07.64
4. Abbey Harkin (STPET), 1:08.20
5. Taylor McKeown (SPRTN), 1:08.20
6. Jenna Strauch (BOND), 1:09.19
7. Acacia Wildin-Snedden (STPET), 1:10.60
8. Aisling Scott (BGRAM), 1:12.12
"I lost a bit of faith in myself, but my dad is really good to me. I'm very lucky to have him." – Georgia Bohl on her comeback from injury and Michael Bohl (her coach and Dad)
Event 17 Women’s 50m butterfly final
1. Cate Campbell (CHAND), 25.51 Q
2. Holly Barratt (ROC), 25.94
3. Madeline Groves (GUSC), 26.35
4. Emily Seebohm (BGRAM), 26.63
5. Brittany Elmslie (BGRAM), 26.73
6. Natasha Ramsden (SOSC), 27.10
7. Christina Licciardi (SOSC), 27.15
8. Sara Saal, (COMM), 27.38
"It's lots of fun, 'Madam Butterfly' (Australian swimming legend Susie O'NEILL) would have to swim another three laps of that, and there is no chance that you will see me doing that." – Cate Campbell on her win in the 50m butterfly.
Event 18 Men’s 50m butterfly final
1. Cameron Jones (STPET), 23.74
2. William Yang (KNXP), 23.86
3. David Morgan (TSS), 23.94
4. Grant Irvine (GUSC), 24.11
5. Brayden McCarthy (BOND), 24.11
6. Theodoros Benehoutsos (MVC), 24.22
7. Edward Marks, (CARL), 24.36
8. Christopher Raven (SPRTN), 24.38
Event 19 Men’s 100m breaststroke final
1. Jake Packard (SPRTN), 59.74
2. Matthew Wilson (SOSC), 1:00.10
3. Liam Hunter (CHAND), 1:00.25
4. Daniel Cave (MVC), 1:00.48
5. Tommy Sucipto (ROC), 1:00.65
6. Grayson Bell (TSS), 1:00.66
7. James McKenchie (STP), 1:01.14
8. Samuel Williamson (FAS), 1:01.96
"We're always disappointed, that's the greatest thing."
"Time is so important to us, as it defines us a lot as an athlete. It's one of those things, you have to get your head down and get everything right to do those times."Jake Packard on his rise-up the ranks and search for perfection.
Event 20 Women’s S9 100m freestyle final
1. Ellie Cole (SPRTN), 1:03.79
2. Lakeisha Patterson (LAWNT), 1:03.96
3. Ashleigh McConnell (MVC), 1:06.17
4. Elizabeth Slack (LCOV), 1:07.54
5. Ruby Halliday (BGOLD), 1:20.17
6. Ebony Prelc (IMSC), 1:23.23
7. Emily Beecroft (TRL), DSQ
"Swimming up a class (S8 classification) is a mammoth effort. Going into it, I just had to have the mentality of it doesn't matter who they (the other swimmers) are and what class they are. I just have to do the best I could personally do and I went as hard as I could." – Lakeisha Patterson on setting a WR and swimming up a classification.
Event 21 Women’s 100m freestyle final
1. Cate Campbell (CHAND), 52.37 Q
2. Bronte Campbell (CHAND), 52.96 Q
3. Emma McKeon (GUSC), 53.49
4. Brianna Throssell (UWSC), 54.19
5. Shayna Jack (CHAND), 54.20
6. Brittany Elmslie (BGRAM), 54.43
7. Emily Seebohm (BGRAM), 54.69
8. Madison Wilson (BOND), 54.97
"I'm loving every minute back out racing, and it's great to be back by (sister) Bronte's side. I've missed her a little bit, but don't tell her I've said that…Yeah, it's 0.3 seconds off my best (of 52.06), so I'm thrilled with the time. It's good, fast, consistent swimming." – Cate Campbell on her 100m freestyle victory and return from break.
Event 22 Women’s 400m freestyle final
1. Ariarne Titmus (STPET), 4:02.36 Q AR
2. Jessica Ashwood (CHAND), 4:07.73
3. Mikkayla Sheridan (SPRTN), 4:10.85
4. Dahlas Rogers (GSAQU), 4:10.92
5. Madeleine Gough (TSS), 4:11.55
6. Mikayla Messer (CHAND), 4:11.71
7. Lani Pallister (SPRTN), 4:13.16
8. Jordan White (SLCA), 4:15.83
Event 23 Men’s 100m freestyle final
1. Kyle Chalmers (MARI), 48.16 Q
2. Jack Cartwright (STPET), 48.60
3. Cameron McEvoy (BOND), 48.62
4. James Magnussen (RAVN), 48.79
5. James Roberts (SOMGC), 48.82
6. Zac Incerti (UWSC), 49.00
7. Clyde Lewis (STPET), 49.19
8. Louis Townsend (RACKL), 49.20
"Again, it proves to me that if I do get in lane one, I can win from outside. It was hard for me tonight because I breathe from the right, so on the way home I couldn't see where anyone else was." – Kyle Chalmers on his win in the men’s 100m free from lane 1.
"I had no clue where anybody was. When I hit that turn, I just worked as many kicks as I could underwater and came up. I saw that Kyle (CHALMERS, Marion) was at the front and kept on going.” "It is going to be amazing, representing Australia. Competing in an individual swim (100m freestyle), it's going to be awesome." – Jack Cartwright on his 2nd place in the men’s 100m freestyle final and nomination onto the team.
Hancock Prospecting Australian Swimming Trials – The Selection of the Australian Swimming Team - #AusTrials2018
Proudly supported by Tourism and Events Queensland
When: February 28-March 3
Where: Optus Aquatic Centre
Heats: 11am – Livestreamed at
Finals: 7:15 – on Network Seven - Check local guides for details

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