Life Members

Life Membership of Swimming Australia is a prestigious level of recognition for swimmers, coaches, administrators, officials and volunteers. As such, all Life Members have given extraordinary and outstanding service to Swimming Australia and its Member Organisations for more than a decade. 

Year Name State
1957 Mr Horrace Bennett* VIC
1959 William Berge Phillips OBE* NSW
1964 John Morrison MBE* NSW
1967 Mr HB Ive* VIC
1969 Dr DA Dowling OBE* QLD
1973 William Harrison MBE* TAS
1974 Sydney Grange AO OBE MVO* NSW
1975 Mr JF Howson OBE* WA
1980 Mr TM Herraman OAM* SA
1980 Arch Steinback OBE* QLD
1982 Mr Roger Smith AM* TAS
1985 Mr William 'Bill' Slade MBE* VIC
1986 Roger Pegram OAM MBE* NSW
1991 Judge Peter Bowen Pain AM* SA
1992 Stuart Aldritt* NSW
1996 Mr CB Rickards* TAS
1996 Bruce Conway FCPA NSW
1996 Tom Brazier WA
1997 Evelyn Dill-Macky AM* NSW
1997 Greg Lalor AM* QLD
1997 EJ 'Joe' King AM* QLD
1999 Terrance Gathercole AM* NSW
1999 Geoff Hare OAM VIC
2001 Mr W Willis* QLD
2003 John Devitt AM NSW
2003 Forbes Carlile MBE* NSW
2004 Don Talbot OBE NSW
2005 Don Blew AM TAS
2005 John Carew* QLD
2006 Tony Woodhouse VIC
2007 Colin Davis* TAS
2007 John Keppie OAM QLD
2009 Peter Graham OAM SA
2009 Margaret Pugh OAM QLD
2010 Cliff Harris OAM NSW
2011 Ursula Carlile NSW
2011 Lynne Bates AM NSW
2014 Patrick Troy* NSW
2015 David Urquart QLD
2018  Laurie Lawrence QLD
2018 Janice Cameron OAM* QLD
2019 Dawn Fraser, AC MBE


2020 Chris Fydler OAM NSW
2020 Harry Gallagher OAM* QLD
2020 Susie O'Neill AM QLD


Life Membership Criteria

  • Selection Criteria
    1. Served at least ten (10) years, not necessarily consecutive, as an Athlete, Administrator, Coach, Technical Official or Volunteer. If a swimmer is being considered, this person will have competed at the international level for a minimum of five years. In addition, swimmers need to have been actively involved in significant promotion through Swimming Australia activity (involved in junior participation, PR, marketing or ambassadorial roles) or have undertaken other significant service through coaching, administration or volunteering either at the national or state levels of swimming.
    2. Upheld Swimming Australia’s Safe Sport Framework principles.
    3. The outstanding contribution the service has made to the growth, development and standing of the sport in the broader community.
    4. The service must be diligent, extraordinary and the applicant’s achievements must be above and beyond what could reasonably be expected, within the swimming community.  
    5. The nominee’s service shall be recognised as having made a significant impact to the sport of swimming in Australia.
    6. The values and behaviours that the nominee has demonstrated in their ethical and exemplary service and their reputation and standing within the swimming community.
    7. Any (other) factor considered relevant to life membership consideration by the Working Group.

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