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Club and Community | 25 September 2023

Griffith Uni offering scholarships to support dreams

PEOPLE say they walk on the shoulders of giants but why walk when you can swim?

Thanks to a multi-year partnership between Swimming Australia and Griffith University, multiple scholarships are available for emerging swimmers on the path to becoming a Dolphin.

Open water swimmer Bianca Crisp, who represented Australia at the World Championships in Japan recently and a proud alumna of Griffith University, is one of those giants and today applauded the move to support the journey of elite junior swimmers.

“The transition to university life can be tricky, and for student-athletes – there is the pressure of spending many hours everyday training for your Olympic dreams combined with studying, and the juggle of everyday life,” she said.

“I was a scholarship holder with Griffith, and it really helped me. The scholarships are about creating outcomes in and out of the water – and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this next generation of swimmers.”

Crisp, a proud Wiradjuri woman, then added: “These scholarships also help with diversity and the progression into something out of the pool. This is an exciting time for athletes from all backgrounds.”

Naomi McCarthy, Head of Griffith Sport College, said: “These scholarships will support many emerging swimmers on their journey towards becoming a Dolphin and completing their degree.”

“We look forward to providing pathways for these swimmers to achieve their best in and out of the pool and having them at Griffith alongside some of our most elite swimmers who have studied at Griffith such as Shayna Jack, Emma McKeon, Zac Stubblety-Cook and Bianca.”

There are currently more than 80 elite swimmers studying at Griffith University, a figure McCarthy says she hopes will grow. Many of these swimmers are also part of Griffith’s high performance training program.

Susan Smith, interim President of Swimming Australia, said the long-term partnership between the University and Swimming Australia is set to have a major impact on legacy, sustainability and inclusion.

“Our collaboration prioritises opportunities for athletes from grassroots to elite levels, as well as advancing research programs and education around diversity, health and wellbeing”, she said.

“These scholarships recognise the challenges for swimming athletes to transition from junior to senior elite athletes and will provide support on this journey.”

Consideration will be given to factors including relocation costs, First Nations’ swimmers and para-athletes.

Applications close October 30, 4pm and for further information please email gsc@griffith.edu.au or phone 07 5552 8552.

More information can be found at: https://www.griffith.edu.au/scholarships/scholarship-listings/swimming-australia-scholarship