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Club and Community | 11 September 2023

Pho3nix Foundation offer personalised trading cards

WHAT is the link between trading cards and swimming?

The answer is you!

Mana Global and Pho3nix Foundation, in partnership with Swimming Australia, will launch the next series of Pho3nix Junior Excellence (JX) Clinics at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre on September 16.

Aligning with the Australian Short Course Championships, the SwimAus Short Course JX Clinic features a number of Dolphin Ambassadors, including: Alexander Tuckfield PLY (2020 Tokyo), Ellie Cole PLY (2008 Beijing, 2012 London, 2016 Rio, 2020 Tokyo), Meg Bailey (2018 Commonwealth Games), Kirsten Thomson OLY (2000 Sydney) and Timothy Hodge PLY (2016 Rio, 2020 Tokyo).

And even though clinic spots have been completely booked out, Pho3nix Foundation offers anyone a chance to get involved through its Pho3nix Green Screen Photo Activation Event happening on the 16th of September from 4pm to 7pm at SOPA.

Participants will get their own personalised Trading Card in physical and digital form complete with their name and favourite number.

Enter the draw to win signed Dolphins merchandise by sharing the trading card on your social media with the hashtags #Pho3nixFoundation #Pho3nixWin.

Pho3nix JX Clinics will run from this month through to April 2024 on the following schedule:

  • Sept 16 – SwimAus Short Course JX Clinic (SOPAC, NSW)
  • Sept 29 – Swimming NT JX Clinic (Parap, NT)
  • Oct 14 – Swimming VIC JX Clinic (MSAC, VIC)
  • Oct 16 – Swimming SA JX Clinic (venue TBC, SA)
  • Oct 21 – Swimming WA JX Clinic (venue TBC, WA)
  • Nov – Swimming TAS JX Clinic (venue and date TBC, TAS)
  • Dec – Swimming NSW JX Clinic (venue and date TBC, NSW)
  • Dec 15 & 16 – Swimming WA JX Clinic (venue TBC, WA)
  • Jan – SwimAus Open Water JX Clinic (venue and date TBC)
  • Mar 14 – Swimming NT JX Clinic (Parap, NT)
  • Mar 16 & 17 – Swimming NSW JX Clinic (venue TBC, NSW)
  • Apr 5 – SwimAus Age Nationals JX Clinic (venue and date TBC)
  • Apr – Swimming VIC JX Clinic (venue and date TBC)

Most of the World Championships Dolphins team that dominated in Japan recently are graduates of the JX program including Olympic medallists Mollie O’Callaghan, Isaac Cooper and Arianne Titmus.

It is the first step for junior athletes in swimming’s high-performance space, and a more streamlined, targeted approach.

The Pho3nix JX Program is for kids aged 9-13, enabling them to develop their skills as they move into their teenage years. It aims to recognise and inspire young swimmers and build commitment to, and enthusiasm for, the pathway into senior swimming.

Developing healthy habits in the pool, cultivating persistence, resilience, confidence, and goal setting, the program seeks to develop like skills that help junior swimmers become successful in and out of the pool.

More than 200,000 swimmers have participated in the program since launched in 2007, with 17,000 expected to take part this year alone.