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Australian Dolphins | 20 August 2022

Team America Lead After a Big First Night of Duel In The Pool

The return of Duel in the Pool is poised to go down to the wire after Team America hit back on an incredible first night of action at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre (SOPAC).

The Australian Dolphins took a two point advantage into the second day of competition following yesterday’s win in the Open Water Relay at Bondi Beach, before swimming’s two international powerhouses traded the lead on several occasions in front of a bumper crowd.

A packed house at SOPAC created an electric atmosphere for the home team, with fans enjoying both the opportunity to see their favourite stars in action, as well as the unique and innovative competition format.

Duel in the Pool Day 2 Leaderboard – Day 2
Australia – 147
America – 156

The final night of competition resumes at SOPAC from 7pm on Sunday 21 August.

Results from Night One are:

Women’s broken 400m Freestyle

1. Bella Sims (USA)
2. Lani Pallister (AUS)
3. Justina Kozan (USA)
4. Leah Neale (AUS)

Men’s 100m Butterfly

1. Shaine Casas (USA)
2. Matt Temple (AUS)
3. Shaun Champion (AUS)
4. Trenton Julian (USA)
5. Cody Simpson (AUS)

Mixed 4x50m Multi-Class Freestyle Relay

1. Matt Levy, Will Martin, Ellie Cole and Ash McConnell (AUS)
2. McKenzie Coan, Noah Jaffe, Lizzi Smith and Jamal Hill (USA)

Women’s 3x50m Butterfly Skins

1. Emma McKeon (AUS)
2. Beata Nelson (USA)
3. Gabi Albiero (USA)
4. Brianna Throssell (AUS)
5. Linnea Mack (USA)
6. Chelsea Gubecka (AUS)

Men’s 100m Breaststroke

1. Michael Andrew (USA)
2. Sam Williamson (AUS)
3. Zac Stubblety-Cook (AUS)
4. Kevin Houseman (USA)
5. Chase Kalisz (USA)

Women’s 50m Freestyle 

1. Meg Harris (AUS)
2. Madi Wilson (AUS)
3. Amy Fulmer (USA)
4. Mallory Comerford (USA)
5. Linnea Mack (USA)

Women’s 3x50m Breaststroke Skins

1. Kaitlyn Dobler (USA)
2. Chelsea Hodges (AUS)
3. Mackenzie Looze (USA)
4. Jenna Strauch (AUS)
5. Annie Lazor (AUS)
6. Mikayla Smith (AUS)

Men’s broken 800m Freestyle

1. Mack Horton (AUS)
2. Luke Hobson (USA)
3. David Johnston (USA)
4. Kyle Lee (AUS)

Men’s 100m Freestyle

1. Ryan Held (USA)
2. Zac Incerti (AUS)
3. Grant House (USA)
4. Matt Temple (AUS)
5. Shaun Champion (AUS)

Mixed 100m Multi-Class Freestyle staggered start

1. McKenzie Coan (USA)
2. Will Martin (AUS)
3. Jamal Hill (USA)
4. Ellie Cole (AUS)
5. Matt Levy (AUS)
6. Lizzi Smith (USA)
7. Noah Jaffe (USA)
8. Ash McConnell (AUS)

Women’s 4x100m Medley Relay

1. Kaylee McKeown, Jenna Strauch, Brianna Throssell and Mollie O’Callaghan (AUS)
2. Amy Fulmer, Annie Lazor, Beata Nelson and Mallory Comerford (USA)

Men’s 3x50m Backstroke Skins

1. Michael Andrew (USA)
2. Justin Ress (USA)
3. Shaine Casis (USA)
4. Brad Woodward (AUS)
5. Ty Hartwell (AUS)
6. Zac Incerti (AUS)

Men’s 200m mystery Medley

1. Trenton Julian (USA)
2. Chase Kalisz (USA)
3. Se-Bom Lee (AUS)
4. Brendon Smith (AUS)
5. Shaine Casas (USA)

Women’s 100m Backstroke 

1. Kaylee McKeown (AUS)
2. Mollie O’Callaghan (AUS)
3. Amy Fulmer (USA)
4. Beata Nelson (USA)

Men’s 3x50m Freestyle Skins

1. Ryan Held (USA)
2. David Curtiss (USA)
3. Grant House (USA)
4. Tom Nowakowski (AUS)
5. Cody Simpson (AUS)
6. Kai Edwards (AUS)

Mixed 3x50m Multi-Class Freestyle Skins

1. Will Martin (AUS)
2. Lizzi Smith (USA)
3. McKenzie Coan (USA)
4. Ash McConnell (AUS)
5. Matt Levy (AUS)
6. Ellie Cole (AUS)
7. Jamal Hill (USA)
8. Noah Jaffe (USA)

Women’s 200m Freestyle 

1. Bella Sims (USA)
2. Lani Pallister (AUS)
3. Leah Neale (AUS)
4. Justina Kozan (USA)

Mixed 4x50m Random Relay

1. Michael Andrew, Justin Ress, Gabi Albiero and Linnea Mack (USA)
2. Grayson Bell, Matt Temple, Mollie O’Callaghan and Emma McKeon (AUS)

Tickets are still available for tonight’s event via Ticketek