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“All this pain is an illusion.”

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Alexander Tuckfield


After making the switch from cross country to swimming four years ago, Alexander Tuckfield has never looked back. Coming through the para pathway program and being selected in the Para Development Squad has seen Tuckfield harness his talent in the pool and achieve his goal of making the Paralympics. Qualifying in the Men's 400m Freestyle (S9), Tuckfield will line up on the blocks against the reigning Paralympic champion, fellow Dolphin and teammate, Brenden Hall. A self-confessed Tool fan, Tuckfield loves music and it motivates him to push through every training session and race. Alex is also the current short course World Record holder for the S9 200m freestyle.

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Paralympic Games

Tokyo, Japan 2020 (2021)

  • Won bronze in Men's 400m Freestyle (S9)
  • Placed 18th in the Men's 50m Freestyle (S9)
  • Tuckfield made his international debut in Tokyo.


Short Course 

Brisbane, Australia 2020

  • Set a new World Record in the S9 200m freestyle with a time of 02:01.41.


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Paralympic Games


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