Coach Recognition

Australia’s great swimming history is due, in large part, to the efforts of its’ coaches. Together with ASCTA, Swimming Australia recognises and celebrates coaches and their critical contribution to the sport.

Coach Recognition

  • ASCTA Coaches Honour List
  • Australian Representative Coaching Rings

    Coaches have always worked tirelessly to help their swimmers achieve success, but it has only been since WWII that Swimming Australia (for many years known as the ‘Australian Swimming Union’) has officially appointed Team Coaches.

    In 2006 ascta initiated a project to document the post-war history of Australia’s coaches who have been ‘officially’ nominated to represent their country and our sport. Four major international competitions determined the initial qualifying criteria – Team Coach appointments for Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, FINA World Championships (long-course) and the Pan Pacific Championships. The first two events are long-standing ones that go back many years; however, it was not until the 1948 London Olympic Games that Australia’s first ‘nationally recognised’ coaching appointment was made. This honour goes to coach Forbes Carlile for leading our Team in London.

    In subsequent years other coaches were appointed onto Olympic and Commonwealth Games Teams. The FINA World Championships were added to the international calendar in 1973 and the Pan Pacs in the 1985. From very humble beginnings the list of coaches who have represented Australia has grown.

    In 2009 the Board of ascta added Paralympic Coaches to the List. The 2004 Paralympic Games were the first such event where coaches were selected by ascta and appointed by Swimming Australia (note: prior to 2004 all coaching appoints were made by the Australian Paralympic Committee). Coaches from the 2004 and 2008 Paralympic Games Teams have now been added to the Honour List to complete the ‘Big-5 Competitions’.

    ASCTA has acknowledge every coach on our ‘Honour List’ with a commemorative ring containing a number, indicating the order of service to Australian Swimming. Every coach selected onto a ‘Big-5’ team receives such a ring and joins this fellowship of elite coaches.

    To see the full coaches honour list please click here.

  • Platinum Award
  • The Platinum Award is awarded by ASCTA to Gold Coaches who have the competency to undertake coaching duties as a member of a senior Australian team at a major international swim meet.

    Click here for the full list of recipients of the Platinum Award

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