Coach Accreditation

Becoming a Swimming Australia accredited swimming coach is the first step to developing the skills and confidence to assist competitive swimmers to become the best they can be. 

Holding current Swimming Australia coach accreditation is the minimum requirement for coaching competitive squads within swimming clubs or other facilities and to be able to coach on pool deck at swim meets.

The Coach Accreditation Pathway

Australian swimming coaches gain their accreditation through a multi-level competency-based training system that helps the coach develop knowledge and practical skills to improve their coaching ability over their career. The 3-tier coaching accreditation framework comprise the following levels: Development, Advanced and Performance.


Coaching Course Progression


Achieving Swimming Australia coach accreditation ensures coaches meet the minimum standards required to be able to run or oversee competitive squads or coach at competitive meets.

The first step to gaining accreditation at any level, is to complete the coaching course related to the accreditation level. Details of the Swimming Australia Coach Education courses can be found here

Gaining accreditation as a swimming coach


  • How long does my accreditation last?
  • Swimming Australia coach accreditation is valid for 3 years. 

  • What is a Document Requirement for accreditation?
  • A Document Requirement for accreditation is a component or standard required to be met for each accreditation level. Each accreditation level has a bundle of Document Requirements which must all be met for the coach to be eligible for that accreditation. The Document Requirements for each accreditation can be found under Gaining Accreditation as a swimming coach > New accreditation.

  • What should I do with my documents?
  • All documents need to be scanned and uploaded into your profile in Swim Central under Profiles > Documents. Once uploaded, all documents will be verified by Swimming Australia. If successfully verified, your document will show with a green tick.

  • If one of my documents expires (eg WWCC or First Aid), does my whole accreditation expire?
  • Yes. You must keep ALL documents required within your accreditation valid. If any one of the document requirements within your accreditation expires, your accreditation will become invalid until that document is updated.

  • How do I renew my accreditation?
  • Details on how to renew your accreditation can be found in the section, Renew Your Accreditation, under the Coach Accreditation page.

  • What age do I have to be before I can become an accredited swimming coach?
  • The minimum age for becoming an accredited swimming coach is 17. However, you also need to meet other prerequisite requirements for coaching course enrolment to be eligible for accreditation.

  • Can I enrol in a coaching course or attend a course workshop when I am 16, and then wait until I am 17 to gain my accreditation?
  • No. There is a prerequisite requirement for enrolment in the Development Coaching Course that you have held Swim Australia Teacher of Competitive Swimming or AUSTSWIM Teacher of Towards Competitive Strokes certification for a minimum of 6 months. The minimum age for obtaining certification as a Swim Teacher is 17 therefore you cannot enrol in the Development Coaching Course before you are 17.

  • What is the minimum accreditation level to be able to coach?
  • Coaches and swim teachers must only instruct to the level which their qualification dictates. Development Coach Accreditation is the minimum standard for coaches to be running / overseeing competitive squads or coaching at competitive meets.

  • When does the new First Aid requirement come into place?
  • From 1 July 2019 onwards, any coach applying for new accreditation at any level (first time accreditation or upgrading accreditation to a higher level) or renewing their accreditation will require First Aid HLTAID003.

    From 30 April 2021, every accredited coach must provide a valid First Aid (HLTAID003) and a valid CPR (HLTAID001) certificate in Swim Central for their Swimming Australia Coach Accreditation to be valid. For more information on integrity and safe sport requirements for coaches, see this page.

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