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Our new award-winning Performance Course builds on knowledge gained since completing the Advanced Course and provides successful students with eligibility to obtain the highest available level of Swimming Australia Performance Coach accreditation.

About this coach

  • Successful Performance Coaches develop people and structures to sustain success for swimming. They do this by balancing data and information with intuition and experience to make accurate evidence-based decisions under pressure. They trust their swimmers to take responsibility for their own performances, and they welcome feedback.

Coaching ethos

  • These Coaches are resilient risk takers, strategic thinkers, influential leaders, trusted mentors, relentless learners, skilled facilitators and strong collaborators.  They are influenced by swimmer need and help drive the personal and social development of the individual alongside maximising performance.

Learning focus

  • The Swimming Australia Performance Course is designed to develop the competencies required to not only coach elite level swimmers but to become a leader, a role model and someone who can help develop the next generation of coaches in the swimming community.

Pre-requisite for enrolment

  • Before coaches can enrol in the Performance Course, they must have held Swimming Australia Advanced Accreditation for a minimum of 24 months.

Course structure

  • The Performance Coaching Course consists of 7 online modules, online assessments, submission of assignments tasks, several face to face workshops, practical coaching hours under a Mentor and a presentation to peers at a state or national conference. The full course will take approximately 18-24 months to complete all requirements.

To enrol in the Performance Coaching Course

  • Login to Swim Central
  • Go to Store
  • Click on Development & Training
  • Click on Courses
  • Click on Performance Coaching Course enrolment

Accreditation requirements

To achieve accreditation as a Swimming Australia Performance Coach, you’ll need to provide the following documents into our sport management system Swim Central: 

If you need assistance with course enrolment, please email  







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