It’s fair to say without the help, passion and commitment from thousands of volunteers across the country, swimming clubs would struggle to operate.

From becoming a technical official, running competitions, meets, classes and even the canteen, volunteers play an important role throughout the swimming community, and as the governing body, we’re indebted to our volunteers.  

According to Volunteering Australia, people who volunteer are happier, healthier and sleep better! Selfless behaviours are also associated with greater wellbeing, while the experience of helping others provides meaning and a sense of self-worth – so there’s no better time to get started.

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Why volunteer in swimming?

“I think it’s something that’s worthwhile doing, it’s very satisfying because you’re contributing something back into the community. Especially in swimming you’re helping kids to achieve – not only to have fun, but also to participate and achieve life-long goals, so I’ve just loved it. I’ve made life-long friends…it’s just a great sport to be a part of.”

Erin Collis is the Chair of the Technical Swimming Committee and has been volunteering for 20 years.


Technical Officials
More than 40 technical officials are needed at a Swimming Australia competition event.

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