Swimming Australia and Victoria University Awarded

19 June 2019

Swimming Australia, in conjunction with Victoria University, is proud to announce it has been awarded with two platinum awards for its work on redeveloping the coach education courses at the 12th Global LearnX Live! Awards. 

The LearnX Live! Awards are an international recognition program designed to acknowledge several fields within the talent management industry across the corporate, education and public-service sectors. 

Awards are presented to organisations who are working on projects designed to provide solutions that deliver best practice and business value to the community at large celebrating the very best in learning and development.

LearnX Live - Platinum Award

With 52 awards up for grabs, platinum, gold, silver and finalist awards, across seven categories, the top gong is highly coveted and presented to projects that exemplify the award criteria and have made a positive impact in their industry. 

Swimming Australia unveiled its newly rebranded Accreditation Levels and redesigned Coach Education Courses earlier this year, as it continually strives to strengthen coach development, optimise performance and aid the retention of exceptional coaches across the country.

After conducting a comprehensive two-year development project with Victoria University, as well as collaborating with the Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association (ASCTA), a united vision to modernise and enhance the coaching program was established.

Two separate components are now attached to coaching accreditation – education and experience. The Coaching Education Courses – which incorporates online learning modules and face-to-face workshops – now combines with experience in the industry.

Linking these two elements (education and experience) reflects a contemporary way of learning and brings swimming in line with current best practice across sport, training and education sectors.

From this project Swimming Australia and Victoria University have been awarded platinum awards for the following categories for the redesigned coach education courses launched earlier this year; 

Best Talent Partnership: This award focuses on a talent partnership that was formed to plan/execute a project that had significant impact on workforce and business performance, empowered employees and increased employee skill sets. Talent management sectors include, learning, leadership, capability, health, onboarding, organisational, wellbeing, performance, engagement, people and culture, or a grouping of sectors.

Best new eLearning Adopter Project: This award focuses on a newly implemented eLearning project that an organisation has introduced into its traditional-style training practices to support/advance employee learning and business performance.

Congratulations to all involved with the project!

To find out more about the awards click here. 

For more information on the newly refurbished coach development program check out the coaches section of our website under community. 


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