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Coach Accreditation

Benefits of Coach Accreditation

Swimming Australia Accredited Coaches are:

  • covered by Swimming Australia Coaches Insurance for their work swimming coaching at an affiliated swimming club.
  • kept up to date by Swimming Australia and our State & Territory Swimming Associations on all things swimming.
  • educated using world leading adult education and learning and development strategies to provide the best training experience to their athletes.

As a Swimming Australia Accredited Coach, you will have:

  • Swimming Australia Accreditation Certificate
  • Access to National and State Coach Professional Development initiatives.
  • Access to pool deck at Swimming Australia swim meets

Swimming Australia Coach accreditation requirements are developed to continually improved coaches knowledge base and help coaches evolve over time and are always striving to be the forefront of swimming coaching skills and knowledge.

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If you need further help with your National Coaching Framework enquiries, contact the Swimming Australia Coaching Development Team at coaching@swimming.org.au.