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Integrity Requirements for Coaches

Coach Reaccreditation

Swimming Australia is committed to the vision of “coaching excellence” at all levels of our sport.

A key element of this vision is maintaining a consistent level of integrity and quality for all Swimming Australia coaches.

Coach – Reaccreditation plays an important role in maintaining quality and compliance standards, building a coach’s knowledge base and provides an opportunity to establish world leading standards of coaching practice.

Coach Reaccreditation requirements will evolve over time in order to meet the evolution of world leading coaching practice.

What does this mean for me as a Swimming Australia Accredited Coach?

Swimming Australia Accredited Coaches are required to provide evidence of coaching specific certifications to support their ongoing accreditation annually*.

Maintaining your coach accreditation demonstrates your commitment to meeting industry standards and best practice, and Swimming Australia’s child protection and integrity policies.

Coaches who do not maintain their accreditation, including up to date quality standards compliance evidence, may not be eligible to renew their accreditation.

* This is a requirement of Swimming Australia and Sport Australia.

 Accreditation levels and requirements

Swimming Australia issues your coach accreditation within our membership and events system, Swim Central. The following document requirements are to be met for a coach to be eligible for coach accreditation at each level.