Integrity and Safe Sport requirements for coaches

Swimming Australia is committed to making our sport safe for all members of our swimming community, with the safety of children and young people in our sport being critical. 

In order to ensure our accredited coaches are protected and understand the important role they play in creating a safe sport environment, it is essential that they understand the legal and ethical responsibilities they have in safeguarding their athletes, particularly children and young people.

With this in mind, together with the recently updated Swimming Australia Safe Sport Framework, it has become essential for all Swimming Australia accredited coaches to ensure that their integrity and safe sport requirements are up to date in order to maintain their coach accreditation.

Our goal is for all Swimming Australia Accredited Coaches to have achieved all current requirements for holding Swimming Australia Coach Accreditation as described in the table below.


All accredited coaches must now show completion of the following requirements within Swim Central, according to their level of Swimming Australia Coach Accreditation. 


Please refer below to the column relating to your level of Swimming Australia Coach Accreditation. A green tick indicates the document is required for that level of Coach Accreditation, and a red cross indicates not required. If you need further information please contact the Swimming Australia Coaching Development Team at



Swimming Australia

Development Coach

Swimming Australia

Advanced Coach

Swimming Australia

Performance Coach

First Aid HLTAID011 (or previous code HLTAID003)

8 hours to complete / 3-year expiry


CPR HLTAID009 (or previous code HLTAID001)

4 hours to complete / 1-year expiry


Swimming Australia Safe Sport course 

Approx 60 mins to complete/ No expiry


Sport Integrity Australia Anti-Doping Fundamentals Course (formerly Level 1)

Approx 60 mins to complete / No expiry


Sport Integrity Australia Annual Update 2022 (formerly Anti-Doping Level 2)

Approx 30 mins to complete / 1-year expiry


Sport Integrity Australia Coaches course

Approx 20 mins to complete / No expiry


Sport Integrity Australia Whereabouts

Approx 20 mins to complete / No expiry


Sport Integrity Aus Competition Manipulation and Sports Betting (formerly Match-Fixing)

Approx 20 mins to complete / No expiry



Upload Certificates to Swim Central

Once the above requirements are complete, you must upload all Certificates of Completion to your profile on Swim Central. For help with uploading documents to Swim Central, see the Help Guide below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which column do I look at?
  • Refer to the column which matches your level of Swimming Australia Coach Accreditation. If you are unsure which level you hold, please check on Swim Central under Accreditations.

  • What do the green ticks and red crosses mean?
  • A green tick indicates the component is required for that level of Caoch Accreditation. A red cross indicates not required. 

  • Do I need to complete all the requirements with a green tick for my accreditation level?
  • Yes. You must show completion of all the requirements with a green tick for your level of Coach Accreditation, by uploading your certificates to Swim Central. 

  • What happens if I haven't completed all the requirements?
  • All Coach Accreditations will be updated in Swim Central to require each new document as indicated above. If you are missing any of these documents, your accreditation will show as invalid until the documents are uploaded into Swim Central.

  • Where can I find help guide for completing the requirements?
  • We have produced the following 2 help guides if you require additional support:

  • I’ve completed the courses. Now what?
  • You must obtain your certificate of completion for each course showing your name and the courses completed. These must be uploaded into Swim Central against each document requirement. See the Help Guides in the previous FAQ topic for instructions on obtaining your certificates.

    For help in uploading your certificates into Swim Central - How to correctly upload a document to Swim Central

  • How do I complete the courses?
  • The links to complete the courses are included in the table above. Simply click on the link and follow the prompts. The courses you need to complete are on external websites. You will need to either log into your account with that provider, or you may need to create a new account if you are a first-time visitor.

  • Do I have to pay for the courses?
  • The Swimming Australia Safe Sport course and the Sport Integrity Australia courses are all free. First Aid and CPR courses are nationally recognised qualifications and have a cost attached.

  • Where can I find a First Aid and CPR course?
  • You will need to find a recognised provider to complete First Aid and/or CPR in your area. ASCTA are a registered provider of First Aid and CPR courses and you can find out when the next course is running by visiting their course calendar. For other local providers, you can Google ‘first aid providers near me’ to find options.

  • Why can't I find the Anti-Doping Level 1 or Level 2 course on the Sport Integrity Australia elearning portal?
  • Sport Integrity Australia have updated the former Anti-Doping Level 1 and Anti-Doping 2 courses. These courses have been updated to reflect the changes to the revised World Anti-Doping Code which came into effect on 1 January 2021.

    The old Level 1 course is now called Anti-Doping Fundamentals. The old Level 2 course is now called Annual Update 2021.

    Anti-Doping Fundamentals is a prerequisite before you can complete the Annual Update course.

    If you have already completed the Anti-Doping Level 1 course, you do not need to complete the Anti-Doping Fundamentals Course as well. We will still accept the Anti-Doping Level 1 certificate.

    On the Sport Integrity Australia elearning portal, you will need to search for the new names of the courses to complete these requirements.

  • I've completed the Sport Integrity Australia courses. Why aren't they showing in Swim Central?
  • The Sport Integrity Australia elearning portal is a completely independent website to Swim Central. Theses 2 platform do not speak to each other, and your certificates do not automatically transfer across. 

    You must obtain your certificate of completion from the Sport Integrity Australia elearning portal, and save it to your computer. You need to then upload this certificate into Swim Central. 

    Please do not load the badge icons on their their own. These will not be approved. You must provide the full certificate showing your name and all the badges for the courses you've completed on the one document. You will need to upload the same document multiple times to Swim Central against each requirement.

  • How do I know what I still need to complete?
    1. Login to your Swim Central account
    2. Go into Accreditations
    3. Click on your Swimming Aus Coach Accreditation
    4. Here you will see all the required documents for the new integrity requirements for your coach accreditation level, and an indication whether these have been provided in your document library, by way of a green tick or a red cross.

    If a document is missing, you can upload your documents from this page by clicking on the Upload button. If you believe you have uploaded the document, but it is not showing, the most likely reason is that you have uploaded it as the wrong document type.

    Please see the How to upload a document into Swim Central help guide at the top of this page for further instructions. 

  • Why can't I login to my Sport Integrity Australia eLearning account?
  • The Sport Integrity Australia eLearning courses are on a different website portal to the Safe Sport Course. You will most likely need to create a new account in order to login to complete the Sport Integrity Courses. 

    Here is the link to create a new account for Sport Integrity Australia eLearning:

    If you have clicked on the reset password and you have not received the email it is most likely due to the fact that you do not have an account. Please try and create a new account. If when creating an account, it says that a user has already created an account under this email, then please get in contact with us at so we can reset your account. 


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