National Redress Scheme


Swimming Australia has commenced the onboarding process for the National Redress Scheme with the Department of Social Services (DSS) and communicated our intent to join the scheme. We will work closely with the Scheme to provide all relevant information to them for consideration of eligibility.


Swimming Australia recognises that the National Redress Scheme is an important step in the acknowledgement that children were abused in Australian institutions, and that institutions need to be held accountable for this abuse. We also acknowledge that the Scheme provides a very important avenue of support by way of counselling and other forms of help and redress for survivors of abuse.


We have been working collaboratively with the DSS for the last two years, and more recently the AOC, Sport Australia, and other national sporting organisations to find a viable mechanism for Swimming Australia to join the scheme. These discussions and potential solutions are ongoing.


We care deeply for survivors and we respond to any complaints, whether of past wrongdoings or current issues in a timely, confidential, and sensitive manner. We are also strongly committed to supporting survivors and will work tirelessly to ensure that we have vigorous systems and processes in place that demonstrate we will not tolerate abuse of any kind happening in our sport again.


Swimming Australia has shown a strong and clear commitment to the health, safety, and well-being of all our members and willingly participated in the 2016 Royal Commission. Since that time, a number of measures have been implemented to ensure our sport remains a safe place for all. We have also continued to provide counselling services and other forms of redress for victims of child abuse since the time of the Commission and will continue to listen and offer support to these survivors.


Swimming Australia has been at the forefront of Safe Sport education, policies and procedures, and is committed to continuing to lead best practice in this area of Australian sport, doing so through the implementation of our “Safe Sport Framework” which was introduced in 2016. We have committed a dedicated senior staff member to this area to ensure that any matter received is handled sensitively, timely and with the utmost confidentiality. We will continue to look for ways to review and improve our processes to ensure the safety of children and young people in our sport.

Integrity, Policies & Rules

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