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Keeping our sport safe

The safety of children and young people in our sport is paramount. We want swimming to be fun, enjoyable and safe for all. All of us in the Australian swimming community have a role to play in ensuring that we keep our proud sport as safe and enjoyable as possible. 

The Safe Sport Framework (SSF) confirms the shared responsibility we all have for keeping each other safe in swimming - children and adults alike. The Safe Sport Framework replaces our previous child and member welfare policies and procedures from 29 July 2016, as well as our Codes of Conduct. It:

  1. Specifically commits to keeping our Children and Young People safe in swimming;
  2. Clarifies and raises the standards of behaviour for dealing with Children and Young People through a new “Code of Conduct for dealing with Children and Young People”;
  3. Consolidates our previous role-specific Codes of Conduct into one General Code of Conduct;
  4. Strengthens and clarifies processes and procedures when safe sport concerns or incidents arise;
  5. Requires more rigorous recruitment and screening procedures, as well as reporting by all organisations in swimming; and
  6. Provides guidance, advice, tips and tools to assist us to keep each other and our sport safe.

To ensure you are Safe Sport compliant, be sure to enrol and complete our free online course (15min), delivered in partnership with Victoria University: 

The Safe Sport Framework

  • What is the SSF?
  • The SSF is a comprehensive policy and procedures document that details our shared responsibilities for protecting children and members' welfare. It also replaces our previous child and member welfare policies and procedures.

    The SSF can be overwhelming when presented all at once, so it has been broken down into the following Parts which are easier to digest when read individually. You may also find it helpful to read the Safe Sport Framework User Guide, to help you get started. 

    Part 1: Introduction;
    Part 2: Our Child Protection Commitment Statement;
    Part 3: Our Codes of Conduct
    Part 4: Our Safe Sport Complaint Procedures.

    Safe Sport Framework FAQs

  • Do we have to adopt the SSF at our club?
  • Yes, you do. If you have not done so it's incredibly important you do so ASAP. We ask that you please table this for discussion at your next committee meeting.

    If you need further assistance with understanding or implementing the SSF, contact your local Development Officer (found on your State or Territories home website)


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