2017-18 JX Legend Results

06 August 2018
JX Swim Clinic

Congratulations to the following swimmers that have achieved JX Legend status in 2017-18. 

We only award JX Legend status to swimmers who have qualified for the JX program at Gold standard for 5 years, or to 15 and 16 year old’s that have competed at the GHF Australian Age Championships.

Your outstanding swimming performance over the years mean you’ve now finished our JX program.  Between now and your 17th birthday your JX Legend status means you’re still able to attend JX Clinics or activities that are open to Gold or Legend JX swimmers. 

To learn more about JX Legend status, please see the following FAQ’s. 

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Category Criteria
The JX Legend category is an additional award that is presented to swimmers who have achieved Gold JX Qualification for 5 years or more or are 15 and 16 years old and race at the 2018 Australian Age Championships.
The 2017-18 JX Program will recognise performances from 1st May 2017 to 31st April 2018.  To qualify for the program, swimmers need to be an active Swimming Australia member and swim a qualifying time at a Swimming Australia approved meet.  Visit the JX section of your State/Territory Association’s website to determine meets eligible for JX qualification.
Please note that in instances where a child moves into a new age category throughout the JX qualification period, he/she will be awarded their highest standard achieved and not an award for both age groups. Only individual swims will qualify for a JX award and lead off times from relay events will not be considered.

JX Legend Category FAQ
1. What’s the purpose of the JX Legend standard?
The JX Legend standard is designed to reward swimmers who have consistently participated and achieved positive results in their swimming journey from the age of 9 to 16 years old. The JX Legend category gives clubs and coaches a further tool to provide an achievement target for swimmers within their club.  Once you have achieved JX Legend status you have graduated from the JX program.  You will not be listed in future JX results. 

2. How are the qualifiers calculated?
Swimmers must have achieved 5 years or more of ‘Gold’ standard achievements in the JX programs within qualification years of 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 to become a “JX Legend” or are 15 and 16 years old and/or race at the 2018 GHF Australian Age Championships.

3. Does it only count for consecutive qualifying years?
No, qualifying and becoming a JX Legend can occur anytime from the ages of 9-16 years old. All you must do is achieve the Gold standard on a minimum of 5 qualification years.

4. What if I’ve moved club’s within the last years?
Swimming Australia use a variety of methods to cross check swimmers data to ensure we collect all of the relevant results for each swimmer, including change of clubs, swim at approved/not approved meets, age and membership number.  

7. Can I qualify as an Open Water or Multiclass swimmer?
Yes, Open Water and Multiclass Swimmers are eligible for the JX Legend standard and qualify by achieving the same qualification standard – by achieving Gold standard in 5 or more qualification years.

8. What do I get for being a JX Legend?
Swimmers who achieve the JX Legend standard will be specially recognised on the Junior Excellence Section of the Swimming Australia website and will also receive a JX Legend avatar on their MyLane profile.  Your state association may choose to recongise JX Legend swimmers in other ways also.

9. I think I should have qualified for the JX Legend standard but my name isn’t on the website?
If you think you should have qualified for the JX Legend standard, please complete the online enquiry form providing us with as much detail as possible to allow us to review your result.  Click here.  

10. How do I know if my state is running JX Legend clinics?
State offices have all of the information they need to determine whether swimmers are eligible for JX legend or gold clinics.  If your state is running any clinics that you are eligible for then you will be contacted by your state swimming office.  Please ensure you keep an eye on their website and social media platforms also.

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