arena channels Japanese warrior spirit in new range ahead of 2021

03 December 2020

Swimming Australia’s technical partner arena have launched their new Japanese inspired Bishamon Collection which will feature an exclusive range of swimwear and leisure wear in the national colours of Australia.


Bishamon is one of the seven gods of fortune in Japanese culture – he is an armour-clad warrior god, a guardian deity who protects and brings divine favour in battle.


Cate Campbell Bishamon

arena’s Consumer and Trade Marketing Director Eva Vitali said the Bishamon Collection honours the spirit of the god celebrating the fighter that exists in everyone.


“The collection supports them with arena’s distinctive armour so that they can be at their very best during the heat of the battle, whether it’s in a global competition pool or a community centre training session,” she said.


“For the design of the collection we combined the Bishamon’s warrior expression with the pattern of his armour, Bishamon Kikko, which is inspired by the shell of a tortoise, representing longevity and good luck. The result is a design that symbolizes good luck and protection, with a singular ultimate goal: victory.”


Dolphin and arena athlete Cate Campbell said the Bishamon Collection emulates characteristics she likes to portray.


“As athletes, we are often looked up to as role models. I like to emulate the (Bishamon) characteristic of courage in my life. Doing things that you are afraid of make you stronger, physically and mentally,” she said.


“Therefore, I always try and do things that scare me – and standing behind the starting blocks at an Olympic Games can be a scary place! It’s also necessary to have self-confidence, believe that you deserve to be there, and that you have done everything in your power to be fully prepared.”


arena’s global Bishamon Collection will not only feature limited editions of the Powerskin Carbon Glide and Carbon Core FX racing suits and accessories but will also have a range of training wear for Australian fans as part of their Bishamon Take Down Range.


The range will integrate the Bishamon design and feature the Australian flag on the front top, gold straps, and a green stylized Bishamon design covering the mid and upper sections.


All Bishamon products will be available from the beginning of December 2020, online through arena e-commerce and at arena stores, specialized stores and major swimming events. From December, the Take Down range will also be available in sporting goods stores.

For more information on the full Bishamon range head to


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