Episode Three - JX Xtra Presented by Bio Island

29 May 2020
JX Xtra Webinar Series Photos

The third and final instalment of ‘JX Xtra’, presented by Bio Island, streamed this afternoon at the later time of 4pm AEST on Swimming Australia’s Facebook page

Once again hosted by retired Dolphin and Bio Island ambassador, Elka Whalan (nee Graham), this week’s episode featured experienced Bio Island nutritionist, Nicolle Regent, who detailed easy meal recipes the whole family will love.

“These recipes are super easy to make and great for the kids to get involved in as well,” Regent explained.

From winter warmers like pumpkin soup to help support a healthy immune system, to a family favourite such as pizza, each recipe is packed with goodness.

For those who were not able to watch the stream live, we have compiled a comprehensive wrap of the recipes, along with the full replay, so you can catch up (or re-watch!) at your own convenience.

Watch the full replay and check out all the recipes featured in the webinar below – simply click on the image to access the recipe.


Pumpkin Soup

“Everyone loves pumpkin soup and coming into winter, it is such a warm comfort food – and the great thing is that there is so many veggies in it and you and your kids wouldn’t even know,” Regent said.

“I put a lot of orange vegetables in my pumpkin soup which are all great sources of beta carotene and this a great source of vitamin A which aids immune support, so it is great coming into winter.

Beneficial Spices:

“Ginger – it is not only really good for anti-nausea, but it is also really good for post exercise muscle pain, so adding it into your diet is a great way to reduce inflammation.

“Turmeric – to get the benefits out of turmeric it is also good to add fats into your meal, so we are going to add some coconut milk later as well as black pepper to enhance the absorption of the turmeric.


Click on the image to access the recipe.



“Kids go crazy for them and sometimes they aren’t the healthiest, so that is why we have come up with a really easy and healthy recipe you and your kids can make at home,” Regent said.

Make your own pizza sauce:

“If your kids don’t like veggies I grate up carrot and zucchini and sauté it in with the pizza sauce, so you can get a whole heap of veggies into your sauce without them even knowing it,” Regent details.

Example toppings:

“Spinach is a great source of fibre; everyone needs more leafy green vegetables in their diet.

“Spinach is one of those foods and nutrients that you can’t get enough of. You think ‘how am I going to eat 2 cups of spinach?’ But when you wilt it down in a frypan it wilts down to nothing. Add it to your bolognaise, add it to your smoothies – it is a great source of fibre and that is what we need, green leafy vegetables. You need fibre, it helps your digestion work properly.

“Mushrooms are a vegetarian source of vitamin D. We all get vitamin D from the sun, but you can get your vitamin D from mushrooms as well.”

Click on the image to access the recipe.


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Swimming Australia would like to once again thanks its nutrition partner Bio Island for making this three-part JX Xtra series possible.

For more information on the Bio Island Australian Junior Excellence Program, click here.

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