Episode Two - JX Xtra Presented by Bio Island

22 May 2020
JX Xtra Webinar Series Photos

The second episode of ‘JX Xtra’ hosted by Elka Graham and featuring experienced Bio Island nutritionist, Hannah Smiroldo, has streamed on Swimming Australia’s Facebook page today, Friday 22 May.

Once again, for those who were not able to watch the stream live, we have compiled a comprehensive wrap of the recipes, along with the full replay so you can catch up (or re-watch!) at your own convenience.

After launching the series last week with Dolphin Jack McLoughlin in an athlete-focussed session, this week’s episode takes a look at healthy snack recipes families and young athletes can make at home.

From dark chocolate superfood cups to gluten free carrot cake and beef and vegetable sausage rolls, there’s bound to be something to tantalise everyone’s taste buds.

“The recipes I am featuring today are really easy to make, most take about 15-20 minutes and the kids can get involved (with supervision). Most of these snacks can stay in the freezer as well so you can pull them out when you need them,” Smiroldo explains.

Watch the full replay and check out all the recipes featured in the webinar below - click on the image to access the recipe.


Dark Choc Superfood Cups

“I know this term superfood gets thrown around a lot these days but there is a reason we call them super foods cups,” Hannah says.

“Dark chocolate is amazingly good for you – the more sugar you add to it and the more milk you add to it, the less healthy it becomes. But if it is quite dark it is high in antioxidants, high in b vitamins and high in a lot of minerals as well.

“Goji berries are amazing. They are high in vitamin C, iron, zinc and essential amino acids, so you’re really hitting everything on the head. This is really great as well, as it is really high in vitamin C, copper and iron.” 

Click on the image to access the full recipe!



“This is like a lunch snack but if you wanted to make it into a dinner option you can add pulled pork or beef mince. Then you have a really easy dinner for the whole family,” Hannah says.

“You don’t have to feel guilty about any of this, all of it is really excellent. Don’t feel bad about giving your kids cheese, they are getting their dairy, their calcium and a whole lot of fresh foods and vegetables in here, so you can feel really happy that you know you are giving them a healthy meal.”

Click on the image to access the full recipe.


Gluten Free Carrot Cake

“The reason we are doing a gluten free option is that a lot of people have sensitivities these days, especially children, so it is hard when there is one person in the family that has a gluten sensitivity and you feel like you have to make different things for them, so this recipe is amazing and everyone can eat it,” Hannah explains.

“Almond meal is a really good substitute to flour and really easy on digestion. The amazing thing about almond meal is that it has so many mono and saturated fatty acids in it as well, so it is really great for your brain health. It has heaps of minerals including potassium, calcium and iron, so I would definitely recommend to give it a go over the flour just to see if you like it.”

Click on the image to access the full recipe.


The next ‘JX Xtra’ webinar will stream on Swimming Australia’s Facebook page at 12pm on Friday 29 May and will feature qualified Bio Island nutritionist Nicolle Regent, who will talk through healthy and nutritional meals young athletes and their parents can make at home.

For more information on the series, click here.

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