Howe Joins Swimming Australia Board

18 October 2021

Swimming Australia is delighted to announce the appointment of Sally Howe to its Board of Directors, effective immediately.

Howe takes the position of Abi Cleland who stood down at the end of June.

With strong experience in leadership, collaboration and culture, coupled with a deep understanding of governance, risk and integrity, Howe will enhance and complement the Board’s current skillset.

A career spanning more than thirty-five years has seen Howe gain extensive experience within the health industry, working in executive and senior management roles across private, public, community and primary health sectors.

Howe currently holds Board Directorships in Health and Aged Care, Disability and Primary health sectors, and has Non-Executive Director experience in largely consumer facing, values based, complex and highly regulated Not-for-Profit commercial enterprises.

Sally Howe
Sally Howe is looking forward to starting in her new role.

Between 2016 and 2020 Howe was a Board member for a Victorian State Ministerial Advisory, focussing on its Strategic Partnerships and Planning, as well as Chair of the Victorian State Government Community Health Executive at the Department of Health and Human Services. It was in this role that she led the Governance and Strategy development of a Victorian-State-Government-funded alliance of 33 local government, community, and primary health organisations.

With a lifelong love of sport, and as a Minerva Network mentor, Howe is actively engaged in mentoring athletes as they transition into their post-sport careers, including Board careers.

Swimming Australia President, Kieren Perkins, said he was thrilled to welcome Howe to the Board.

“Sally will be a tremendous resource for Swimming Australia, and I’m really pleased to welcome her to the Board,” Perkins said.

“I know Sally is eager to bring her expertise in risk, governance and integrity to the table, as well as her passion for the wellbeing space, and we’re looking forward to hearing her ideas and providing us with a fresh and unique perspective on our current strategy.”

With Howe’s first Board meeting taking place on Tuesday, she said she was excited to begin her new role.

“I’m honestly delighted to join the Board of Swimming Australia,” Howe said.

“Swimming is one of the country’s biggest participation sports and has many health benefits for the community, so to help shape the future of swimming and work alongside the likes of Kieren and the Board will be very rewarding.

“While I have experience in risk and integrity, to echo Kieren’s point, I’m also excited to share my expertise and passion for athlete wellbeing. I am thoroughly enjoying my role as a Minerva Network Mentor which helps elite female athletes maximise their opportunities as they transition into their post-sport careers.”

For more details on Swimming Australia’s Board of Directors, click here.  

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