JX Xtra: Word from Jack McLoughlin

03 July 2020

Episode one of the 'JX Xtra' series, originally airing in May, saw host Elka Whalan (nee Graham) joined by Australian Dolphin and Commonwealth Games gold medallist, Jack McLoughlin. The pair kicked off the series in an athlete-focussed session discussing everything from staying focussed and positive, to McLoughlin’s workouts and exercise tips.

McLoughlin shared his personal insight with junior swimmers, in particular the importance of staying motivated and establishing a balanced lifestyle.   

McLoughlin on:

Staying Motivated

“I see my motivation in different parts. My long-term motivation is obviously Tokyo next year, but in terms of just the past couple of weeks, I’ve kind of gone back to my young self.

“When I was a kid, I was the one running around doing every sport you could think of, tennis, basketball, running, swimming, rugby, but since I’ve become a professional swimmer, I don’t get the time to play other sports. Since we’ve been in isolation I’ve been able to take up cycling and I’ve been doing a lot more walking and getting back out into nature – so just going back like when I was a kid and trying new things has been a positive out of the situation and it’s keeping me motivated and focussed.



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