JX Xtra: Word from Jack McLoughlin Part 2

10 July 2020

Taking the dive back into the water after an extended break can be a bit of a shock for some. Discussing the topic in episode one of the 'JX Xtra' series, premiering in May, Australian Dolphin and Bio Island Australian JX ambassador Jack McLoughlin shared his personal insight with junior swimmers. 

The Commonwealth Games 1500m gold medallist also detailed how he is staying driven, positive and fit while isolating at home during the episode, with tips and advice.

McLoughlin on:

Losing the feel of the water

“There’s not much you can really do about it to be honest. I’m pretty scared myself going back because I know it’s going to be a big shock and there’s not too much you can really do for it. I’m trying to do a lot of dryland stuff to try and simulate something similar to swimming with weights, especially around the shoulders and core area.

“I’ve also been doing a bit of cord swimming here and there but that’s a lot harder than normal swimming because you’re always against resistance which isn’t swimming in general.”



Catch up on all episodes of ‘JX Xtra’ below. For more information on the Bio Island Australian Junior Excellence program, click here.

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