Levelling the Playing Field to Support our Future Swim Stars

28 November 2019
Project H2Gr0w

Would you like to identify your son or daughter’s maturation status? Would you like to track maturation status with swimming performance?

Retaining children in sport is a priority for governments and parents alike, but could physical differences in the early teen years be keeping our future swim stars from reaching their potential?


The University of Sydney and Swimming Australia are collaborating on the second instalment of the nation-wide research project titled H2gr0w, aimed at investigating the impact different rates of growth, development and month-of-birth have on children’s performance and ongoing involvement in swimming.


Throughout the duration of the numerous State Swimming Championships in 2019 and 2020, Swimming Australia (SA) in conjunction with the University of Sydney will be in attendance to continue their research in the Project H2grOw initiative. This research involves tracking growth and maturation in developing swimmers and establishing solutions that account for that growth.

The tests will involve measuring height, sitting height and weight and as an outcome you will receive an individual report suggesting your future growth patterns.



The second instalment of capturing data for Project H2gr0w takes flight this weekend, as the assessments begin at the NSW Metro Championships.


The aim is to capture information on the same 2,000+ swimmers who were tested in 2018-2019, and invite new swimmers and their parents to join for 2019-2020 season.


This information is vital to pinpoint stages of development to help coaches, clubs and parents better understand exactly where a child is at.


With this data, solutions can be established that account for the influence of growth and maturation in development and performance; and provide educational resources and materials to inform all community members (e.g., coaches; practitioners) about the growth and maturation process.


On the eve of round two getting underway, Salter expressed his thanks those who had taken part in the project so far, including those driving the project at The University of Sydney.


“I’d like to express my sincere thanks to 2000 plus swimmers and parents who have taken part in 2018-2019 – this project couldn’t be possible without their support,” Salter said.


“I’d also like to thank my colleagues at each State Swimming Association for their ongoing support and collaboration in allowing us to use their championships to facilitate the data collection. In addition, Associate Professor Stephen Cobley and PhD Scholar Shaun Abbott who are the real geniuses behind the project. Their insight and expertise are ground-breaking and will be a major point of difference for our sport against other nations.”


Testing will also take place at the following events:

  • Qld State Championships: 14-15 Dec 2019
  • Vic State Age Championships: 17-21 December 2019
  • WA State Age Championships: 20-23 Dec 2019
  • SA Swimming State Championships: 18-23 Jan 2020
  • NSW Country Championships: 21-23 Feb 2020
  • NSW Junior Metropolitan Championships: 7-8 Mar 2020
  • Vic Metro Championships: 6-9 Mar 2020
  • SA Swimming Mad March: 27-29 Mar 2020
  • NSW Junior State Age Championships: 28-29 Mar 2020


If you’d like to get involved or contact the project, click here.

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