Live Recognition is Here!

18 December 2019

The Bio Island Australian Junior Excellence Program now has live recognition!

For the first time in the program’s history, young swimmers will receive a congratulatory email alerting them to the new JX qualifying time they have achieved.

Whether it’s gold, silver, bronze or blue, this initiative – which has been made possible via a new functionality in Swim Central – will inspire ‘JXers’ to keep striving to reach their next goal in the program and keep them up to date with their progress.

This morning, thousands of participants across the country received one of these emails with the highest qualifying time they have swum since the season begun on May 1 this year.

Bio Island JX - VIC
'JXers' will now be alerted to their new times via a congratulatory email.

From now on, participants should receive their congratulatory email one or two weeks after the successfully swim the time.

We hope you enjoy this new feature of the Bio Island Australian JX program!

If you have any further questions about JX live recognition, please contact with your enquiry or visit the Bio Island Australian Junior Excellence Program page on the Swimming Australia website.

Also, did you also know Swimming Australia has recently launched the JX Express? Click here for more details.

Please note: Once Western Australia has transitioned to Swim Central, participants in WA will start receiving alerts too. Further information will be provided in due course. 

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