The Next Wave: Se-Bom Lee

09 August 2019

Making his second junior team, NSW swimmer Se-Bom Lee is ready to get back in the pool and build on his strong performances at this year's Australian Age Swimming Championships.

Picking up a plethora of medals across various strokes at Age in April, Lee will once again put theory into practice after racing in Fiji at last year's Junior Pan Pacific Championships.

“Last year, being my first major team and first international competition, I didn’t feel I swam the best I could, so hopefully this year I can learn from mistakes, learn how I can be better and hope for the best possible race,” he told Brittany Elmslie at their National Youth Camp in Canberra.

Learning to swim at the age of four and squad training from six, Lee doesn’t let the pressure of racing get to him, instead, he relishes every chance to compete in the pool.

“Standing behind the blocks, I don’t really get stressed that much I just stick my head in the game, do my best and try to touch the wall first.”

Using his chilled-out pre-racing mentality helped Lee pick up three Age National titles and a total of six medals in Adelaide at the team’s selection event.



Before Lee travelled to Eastern Europe for the champs, which kick off in Budapest on Tuesday 20 August, he took part in the National Youth Camp at the AIS.

“The camp has been great, it’s good to get to know each other, know the coaches and create an environment where you can work together and respect each other, it’s been really good learning how to work as a team.”

Se-Bom Lee - World Trials

Get to know Se-Bom

State: NSW

Age: 17

Club: Carlile

Coach: Misha Payne

Pet Events: Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly


2019 Hancock Prospecting Australian Age Swimming Championship Medals


  • Boys 17 Years 200m Backstroke
  • Boys 17 Years 200m IM
  • Boys 17 Years 400m IM


  • Boys 17 Years 200m Freestyle
  • Boys 17 Years 100m Backstroke


  • Boys 17 Years 200m Butterfly

Follow Lee’s journey as he and the next wave of swimmers compete at the 2019 FINA World Junior Swimming Championships, August 20-25 in Budapest. Updates to follow on Swimming Australia’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. #TheNextWave

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