Poppy Blossoms on Sunday Morning

21 April 2019

In the first final of the morning at the 2019 Hancock Prospecting Australia Age Swimming Championships, it was Woogaroo’s Poppy Wilson (S10) who blossomed in the Girls’ 15-16-year 100m Backstroke Multi-Class event.

Recording a time of 1:18.22, the 15-year-old beat out Brisbane Jets SC’s Alicia Goodwin (S8) who logged 1:31.31 to claim silver, while Amy Ralph (S9) from Victoria Park finished third in 1:35.80.

In the corresponding event for the boys, Col Pearse S10 (Melbourne H20) was crowned the champ with a time of 1:06.03. Toowoomba Grammar’s Henry Reardon (S10) nabbed second spot on the podium in 1:10.53 and TSS Aquatic’s swimmer Noah Robinson (S9) rounded out the top three (1:17.28).

Less than an hour later, Pearse accumulated another gold medal after he was also triumphant in the Boys’ 15-16-year 100m Breaststroke Multi-Class. The Melbourne H20 swimmer finished ahead of silver medallist Dylan Logan (SB15) from Geelong on points score and Kaden Smith (SB14) (SLC Aquadot) who pinched bronze.

St Hilda’s Madeleine McTernan carried her momentum from Saturday through to Sunday, taking out ger second national age title. After receiving the gold in the Girls’ 16-18yrs 400m Freestyle Multi-Class race, McTernan added the Girls’ 17-18-year 100m Freestyle Multi-Class to her list of achievements. Taking a second off her qualifying time, she recorded a time of 1:03.75 to finish ahead of Victoria Jessamine (S14) (1:07.45) from Revesby Workers and Ashley Van Rijswijk (S14) (1:09.88) from Wagga Wagga.

Stayed tuned to www.swimming.org.au throughout the day, as more finals from the 2019 Hancock Prospecting Australian Age Swimming Championships kick off this afternoon at 4pm.

More results from this morning:

Girls’ 11-14 50m Freestyle Multi-Class

Gold – Ella Hodgson S16 (UWA West Coast) in 30.40

Silver – McKinley Arnison S8 (Lismore Workers) in 33.54

Bronze – Poppy Richards S8 (Cotton Tree) in 34.39


Boys’ 11-14 50m Metre Freestyle Multi-Class

Gold – Alexander Tuckfield S14 (SLC Aquadot) in 28.42

Silver – Lachlan Hanratty S14 (Revesby Workers) in 29.21

Bronze – Joel Mundie S7 (Central Cairns) in 34.70


Boys’ 17-18 100m Freestyle Multi-Class

Gold – Jarrod Dyer S14 (Wollongong) in 59.28

Silver – Bailey Stewart S14 (Uni of Queensland) in 59.77

Bronze – Oscar Stubbs S13 (SOPAC) in 57.22


Girls’ 15-16 100m Breaststroke Multi-Class

Gold – Zoe Mackenzie SB9 (TSS Aquatics) in 1:28.84

Silver – Tegan Reder SB11 (Victoria Park) in 1:42.03

Bronze – Ava Sayyadi SB9 (Hornsby) in 1:31.12


Girls’ 11-14 100m Butterfly Multi-Class

Gold – Nicole Taylor S15 (Griffith, NSW) in 1:23.12

Silver – Sophie Hills S9 (South Esk) in 1:36.86

Bronze – Isabella Vincent (Norwood) in 1:49.18


Boys’ 11-14 100m Butterfly Multi-Class

Gold – Joel Mundie S7 (Central Cairns) in 1:24.43

Silver – Mattias McCarthy S12 (Marion) in 1:24.62

Bronze – William Salmond S10 (Caribeae) in 1:29.10


Note: All para races were swum as multi-class races, meaning athletes from all classifications competed in the same event, with the para-swimmer with the highest point score crowned the winner. The Multi-Class Point Score has been developed to provide a simplified way for swimmers and coaches to measure and compare performances. The MCPS is based on the World Record (WR) times for each classification but also takes into account weightings for non-Paralympic events that are not raced by other countries around the world.

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