Post-Race Snacks with JX Xtra, presented by Bio Island

09 October 2020
Pre Race Snacks with Bio Island

When we looked at pre-race snacks this week, we talked about the importance of ensuring you are adequately fuelling your body with good nutrition before strenuous exercise especially on competition or race days where you want your body to be performing at its absolute best. The same applies when talking about post race snacks and nutrition. Check out a few example snacks you could use for recovery on race day.

Post-Competition Nutrition

Post competition meals and snacks consisting of carbohydrates and protein should be consumed within 30 minutes and again at 1 to 2 hours intervals post competition to help reload the muscles with glycogen and promote protein synthesis which allows for proper recovery. The 24 hours post competition is when your body will be rebuilding muscle tissue and replenishing energy stores and fluid.

Post-Competition Snack and Meal Ideas

  • Eggs or smoked salmon on wholegrain toast
  • Yoghurt, nuts and fruit
  • Dried fruit and nut mix
  • Smoothies
  • Lean protein and vegetable stir fry with rice or noodles
  • Tuna and rice crackers
  • Chicken and pasta salad

Again, preparation is key, and you will thank yourself for spending a few minutes putting together some post competition snacks to grab and have ready to eat after your race.

*Provided by Bio Island Nutritionists

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