Sisters Send Support to Junior Athletes

14 April 2020
campbell sisters

Dolphin leaders and sisters, Cate and Bronte Campbell, have sent inspirational messages of support to junior swimmers across the country, as today would have marked the final day of the Hancock Prospecting Australian Age Swimming Championships in Perth.

From junior athletes to masters swimmers, all the way up to our elite Dolphins, athletes around Australia are trying to find new ways to keep fit and active while satisfying their innate character to compete.

There’s no doubt it’s a challenging time for the community, but the Dolphin leaders and Olympians urged young athletes to stay strong and continue to focus on their goals and dreams.


“I know that national age was suppose to finish today and everyone is really disappointed to not be racing, but I wanted to let you know to keep working hard and not give up,” Cate Campbell said.

“You’ll encounter may setbacks along your life and in your swimming career and this is just going to be one of them, so keep training hard.

“I’m training hard up in Brisbane – I don’t have access to a swimming pool yet, but we’re figuring it out one day at a time and I hope to see you on pool deck soon.”

As a young swimmer, Bronte always looked forward to Age Nationals, so knows how disappointing it must be for junior swimmers to be unable to compete.


“I wanted to say that I feel your pain and I feel really bad for you, I know how important that meet was to me when I was your age and I just wanted to send you a message to say don’t give up, keep on doing what training you can and next year you’re going to improve and appreciate it even more.

“I’m looking forward to when we can all be on pool deck again and keep your hopes up.”

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