Strauch shines light on Daffodil Day

27 August 2020
Jenna Strauch

Australian Dolphin Jenna Strauch will be supporting the Cancer Council Queensland’s Daffodil Day Appeal this year with a determination to further cancer research.


A breaststroke specialist, Strauch has a degree in biomedical science from Bond University and hopes her future academic research in the field of genetics will be able to assist people with cancer.


Jenna Strauch - World Champs 2019 - 200m breaststroke
Strauch competing at the 2019 world championships


“I always had a love for science, but I also wanted to help people and support them through tough times,” said Strauch.


"A lot of genetic issues can result in cancer, so I found that this is what I'd like to do to try to make an impact on the world and how I think I can help people."


Even though Strauch has been fortunate enough not to have a cancer diagnosis in her immediate family, she knows of the challenges faced by countless Queenslanders every year who are diagnosed with cancer.


"I know a lot of people that had to navigate the pressure that comes from being diagnosed with the disease and recognise the impact it has on the community.”


Strauch will be spreading hope this Daffodil Day by encouraging others in her online networks to support this important appeal. 

Jenna Strauch Daffodil Day 2020


"I thought this was a good opportunity to get involved and create awareness, as social media has a massive impact in today's society." 


Cancer Council Queensland CEO Chris McMillan thanked Strauch for lending her voice to the appeal.


“We’re so fortunate to have determined and dedicated young people like Ms Strauch spreading the word for Queenslanders to support the Daffodil Day Appeal,” said McMillan.


“Ms Strauch is a role model to all young Queenslanders, encouraging them to embrace active and healthy lifestyles and take interest in an appeal which will create hope for their futures.”


Daffodil Day may look a little different this year, but there are still ways you can get involved. Donate online or sign up to shake a virtual tin and raise funds for cancer research.


All funds raised this Daffodil Day Appeal will go towards life-saving cancer research which will bring us another step closer to a cancer free future.


To get involved, or find out more information, visit or call 1300 65 65 85.  

You can also make donations by clicking here. 

Make sure to show your support by tagging @cancercouncil and #DaffodilDay in any social posts. 


About the Daffodil Day Appeal

The Daffodil Day Appeal is Cancer Council’s most iconic and much-loved fundraising campaign.

This year may feel a little different, but the need to stop cancer remains the same. Even though we will not be selling fresh daffodils or merchandise in 2020, we will continue to create hope by funding life-saving research.

Daffodil Day will fall on 28 August in 2020, but you can show your support by making a donation anytime throughout the month.

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