Swim Central: July Update

10 July 2019
Swim Central July Update

Dear clubs and members of the Australian swimming community,

We are now well underway with the implementation of our new national operating system, Swim Central. 

Since our national announcement on 21 March, clubs and users have received various communications and information from their State/Territory Swimming Association regarding the rollout of Swim Central, however we wanted to take the opportunity to provide a national update on this major project.

Firstly, I’m pleased to say the system is now live in South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland and Victoria, and has been rolled out in nine of 12 regions of New South Wales. Northern Territory will go live next month. Western Australia will go live next year. It’s also being utilised by the Australian Swim Coaches and Teachers Association (ASCTA). While this transition period has seen member records from these organisations transferred to Swim Central – which is a tremendous achievement – I’d be remiss to say it hasn’t resulted in several material speed bumps along the way.

As with any new and significant IT system change on such a large scale, challenges will inevitably arise when the rollout takes place. We wholly acknowledge that, due to various unforeseen circumstances in moving from testing to the live environment, these issues and challenges have been more significant than expected. Recognising the very real inconvenience and frustration that this has and continues to cause clubs and members, we sincerely apologise that our need and desire for an improved national system has not been immediately realised.

Please be assured that together with our service provider, we are holding ourselves to account and working tirelessly as our most pressing priority to rectify system issues as soon as possible. Seeing our vision for Swim Central come to fruition is of the utmost importance – it’s for the good of the sport and the entire swimming community.

During this rollout phase we’d like to recognise all the efforts of swimming’s many volunteers, officials, coaches, swimmer and parents, as well as club and regional association members, who have spent large amounts of time working within the new system to create and administer meets, along with adding memberships and other important information into the system.  

We are sincerely grateful for all members who have provided us with feedback. These learnings have contributed to the ongoing development and improvement of the system and we look forward to this continuing.

Your State/Territory Swimming Associations continue to work collaboratively with the Swimming Australia team, and with each other, to ensure we are aware of all local challenges and to enable appropriate support for all users across the country.

As the implementation of Swim Central continues to evolve, we are committed to working with our State/Territory Swimming Associations to ensure the most up-to-date information on the project is shared with you, along with being easily available and accessible. We will provide more national updates as needed and appropriate though your State/Territory Swimming Association remains your best bet for queries or support on Swim Central. All such contact details, along with the latest and specific State/Territory support resources can be found here.

For clarity, the above link is where the most recent and useful Swim Central rollout information specific to your State/Territory environment will continue to be stored. 

As we continue the rollout of this major leadership and technology project, we know our entire industry will reap the rewards of Swim Central once total implementation with all functionalities has been realised as soon as possible. This new system is specifically designed to be easier for all users, to streamline and simplify processes, improve club payments, and allow for meaningful local to national information analyses for the good of the sport (just to name a few). So as an industry we’re wholly committed to seeing Swim Central succeed in the best interests of swimming and all concerned.

Once again, we thank you for your ongoing patience and support; and all that you do for swimming.

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Leigh Russell,
CEO Swimming Australia  

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