Swim Central Undergoes Important Update

27 March 2020
Swim Central July Update

Swim tribe, we’re pleased to advise that Swim Central has undergone an important update across the past two days, successfully releasing more than 20 useful features. 


These features will benefit the swimming community and minimise the anomalies currently within the operating system, which is currently live in six states and territories along with the Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association (ASCTA).


One of the key items in the update is a new flowing process when creating a swim meet. This revised process leads the user through each step of the swim meet creation process, thereby limiting omissions or missing key steps. There is now also the capability for meet hosts to easily share documents (e.g.: entry list, results file) with clubs and swimmers attending their meet.

For our multi-class community, on your profile page you will now see all information from the Classification Master List, while on your membership card it will show your classification and exemptions. Multi-class events will now include qualifying times for each classification, or it will be set as an event for one class only. Furthermore, multi-class events are now restricted to those swimmers who have a classification set in Swim Central; making it easier for meet hosts and swimmers.

There have also been some other updates made to Swim Central to help streamline how club administrators use Swim Central including the ability to impersonate a position holder (i.e. committee member) from the Positions tile, making it easier to contact or help another position holder.

When reporting, these lists will now sort by surname in almost all locations in Swim Central, including the member list and meet attendees list. In addition, an export will now be available for tickets sold within a meet, allowing for a smoother ticketing process. Plus, there have been a number of refinements made to the meet attendee export to provide even more useful information for clubs such as race count per participant, participant membership and club details.

This update to Swim Central also includes some important safeguards and security refinements which prevents a member accidentally transferring back to their old club or changing their date of birth after it has been entered. We're confident these safeguards will help members avoid accidental mistakes when using the system.

Our open water swimmers will also notice their standard distances (e.g.: 7.5km) have been added to Results Central, further expanding the capacity of the results database.

For more information on these new functionalities, states and territories have updated their training guides and manuals. Click here to find the relevant guide and contact details for you.


We also ask that clubs take this opportunity to ensure their details are up to date, including contact details, primary venue, ABN and bank account details. To do this, log in and check your entity details on the entity home page.  

We thank you once again for your patience while the system underwent this important update.


For more general information on Swim Central, click here. 


Please note: Western Australia will look to transition to Swim Central in 2021.

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