Swimming Australia announces partnership with Elyptol

29 April 2021

Swimming Australia has partnered with Elyptol, Australia’s leading hand sanitiser, to keep the nation’s elite swimmers healthy.

Australian-owned Elyptol, which manufactures its sanitisers in Victoria, is now the choice of the nation’s peak swimming body to keep athletes, coaches, staff and spectators free from infection in and out of the pool.

Swimming Australia President Kieren Perkins said he was delighted to partner with Elyptol.

“We’re really pleased to create a partnership with Elyptol, they are such a trusted Australian brand when it comes to hand sanitisation,” Perkins said.

“We know the importance of maintaining healthy hands, it goes a long way to combat germs and stop the spread of bacteria, so we’re looking forward to utilising their products again in June at the Australian Swimming Trials.”

Elyptol hand sanitiser dispensers were utilised at both the 2021 Australian Age Swimming Championships and Australian Swimming Championships on the Gold Coast earlier this month.

Staff using Elyptol
Athletes, coaches and staff used Elyptol during two recent championship events..

“Elyptol is not new to the market – or wasn’t conjured as a pivot during the pandemic. We’ve been doing this for several years,” Elyptol Chief Executive Tim O’ Connor said.

“Our products are designed for high frequency professional and consumer use to control infection – without causing side effects like dermatitis. And they’ve met and surpassed every requirement of the top health testing bodies in the world. We’re not just antibacterial, we’re antimicrobial.

“If you are around water, like swimmers, you can reliably use Elyptol because of the science behind the infection control across our entire hand sanitiser range,” added Mr. O’Connor.

Elyptol is uniquely enhanced by the healing properties of eucalyptus oil combined with pure ethanol derived from sugar and corn. It is safe, gentle on skin and minimises the likelihood of allergic reactions, contact dermatitis and dry cracked skin, while killing 99.9999% of bacteria, fungi and other common germs.

Elyptol hand sanitiser gels and wipes are widely used in Victorian hospitals and by NSW Paramedics.

About Elyptol

Elyptol products are registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States.

Elyptol is also endorsed by GECA and is part of the World Health Organisations POPS (Private Organisations for Patient Safety) program that focuses on improving worldwide public health through better hand hygiene.

More at www.elyptol.com

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