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Mrs Gina Rinehart is often referred to as the "matriarch" of the Australian Dolphins Swim Team and the extended Swimming Australia family is incredibly proud that Mrs Rinehart is the sports Patron.

Having long supported swimming, Mrs Rinehart and the company she leads, have been a major sponsor of the WA (since 1992) and then Queensland state teams before also becoming a Principal Partner of Swimming Australia in 2012. This support was especially critical to Swimming Australia at this time after the London Olympics.

Such on-going support of athletes provides generous direct financial support which allows them to focus on their training and performance and not be distracted by financial pressures that most athletes face.

There is also a positive focus on education, obligations and leadership at the individual athlete level to drive change in values and culture.

This support is in addition to the large amount of generous philanthropic support she, HPPL and their various charitable foundations provide to a number of other athletic organisations across the country, together with other charitable endeavours. Several of our swimmers have also benefited from her private scholarships to attend Bond University.

Mrs Rinehart’s enthusiasm for our swimmers and commitment to swimming is enabling our current athletes to achieve their goals, and enables them to punch above their weight, when proudly representing our country overseas, including at the Olympics. Her enthusiastic attendance around the pool and at other swimming events, is greatly appreciated by the swimmers, their families and their coaches and by our extensive volunteers too. She has been a long-time supporter of swimming and is providing athletes with the support they need to train and perform at their best.

Mrs Rinehart received the rare honour of an Order of Merit by the Australian Olympic Committee (interalia). As a dedicated Patron, she is an inspiration to our swimmers. 

For more information on Mrs Rinehart and the HPPL Group, please visit ginarinehart.com.au and hancockprospecting.com.au

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