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Amenorrhea (The absence of periods)

Module aims

  • Provide information regarding amenorrhea, how it can be diagnosed and treated
  • Highlight consistently missing your period is NOT NORMAL, no matter your level of athletic or fitness training
  • Indicate you should seek the assistance of a specialised women’s health general practitioner (GP) if you have not commenced menstruation by 14 years of age, or have missed three consecutive periods, as amenorrhea has many detrimental long-term effects
  • Normalise the conversation around menstrual dysfunction to improve athlete awareness, health and performance


  • Amenorrhea is the absence of menstrual periods caused by disruption in the reproduction system
  • There are two types of amenorrhea: primary (menstruation hasn’t commenced by 14 years of age with no signs of secondary sex characteristics) or secondary (absence of three or more consecutive periods)
  • Consistently missing your period is NOT NORMAL and requires further medical investigation and treatment by a specialised women’s health general practitioner (GP)
When should I see a doctor?
Amenorrhea (The Absence of Periods) as an Elite Athlete