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Dealing with period pain

Module aims

  • Provide further information regarding period pain
  • Provide insight on common ways period pain symptoms may impact training and performance
  • Discuss options for the self-management of period pain and when to seek further help from a medical practitioner


  • Period pain (also known as dysmenorrhoea) is a common symptom of the menstrual cycle that can range from mild to severe and differ between people
  • There are two types of period pain: primary dysmenorrhea (caused by high levels of prostaglandins) and secondary dysmenorrhea (caused by underlying reproductive disorders)
  • There are many ways to self-manage period pain including medication, hormonal management strategies and techniques like heat, gentle exercise meditation, and TENS
  • If your period pain is severe, is impacting your ability to participate in your daily activities or you are experiencing any of the above concerns, we recommend you seek the advice of a specialised women’s health GP
Period pain
When should I see a doctor?