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Fertility Preservation: Egg Freezing

Module aims

  • Provide information of egg freezing including what it is, what is involves, who it is suitable for and how to get started
  • Highlight that egg freezing is an option to preserve your fertility options should you want to delay parenthood due to your career, athletic pursuits or other factors
  • Describe how to get started on your egg freezing journey with Chill Egg Freeze should this be a suitable option for you


  • Egg freezing is an option that allows you to preserve your future fertility options by collecting, freezing and storing your eggs to use them at a later date
  • Timing is a critical factor influencing female fertility, as egg quality and quantity decreases with age negatively influencing your chance of conceiving
  • Book an appointment with a fertility specialist at Chill Egg Freeze, Australia’s dedicated egg freezing service to learn more about egg freezing today
Egg freezing
Fertility Options with Dr Tiarna Ernst and Cate Campbell