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Infertility and fertility treatment options

Module aims

  • Underline what infertility is and highlight 1 in 6 Australian couples and individuals experience infertility
  • Clarify when you should seek medical advice when you are trying to conceive, including indicators that early treatment should be sought
  • Describe the wide range of fertility options available within City Fertility and their national network that may suit your individual needs and circumstances, and how to get started on your parenthood journey


  • 1 in 6 couples and individuals experience infertility with approximately 30% of cases due to female factors, 30% of male factors, 30% combined and 10% unexplained.
  • There are many fertility options available to suit your individual circumstances, needs, and goals
  • Contact City Fertility to learn more about the fertility treatments available and select the option that best suits you
Seeking support for infertility
What fertility treatment options are available?
How do I get started?